After getting a new device like smartphone or gaming console like Nintendo Switch, it’s time to think how to protect your new device. Just like any electronic device with a screen – it can accidentally be dropped and damaged, a proper case might save your device. I bet you will take your new Nintendo to parties, road trips and so on. Therefore, prepare your device for any bad outcomes as warranty won’t cover it. And after all, this Nintendo accessory is fairly cheap, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t get it.

Not only cases are protective, but they also can look cool. Now you just have to choose your perfect fit!

Hopefully, after reading this article and checking out our cool list, you will find your best fit and if you don’t, at least you get some ideas about what you like and what you don’t. In the end, I think that Nintendo Switch Case is a must-have if you got the console. A case of 10-15$ can save you your console.

Note that you should decide what kind of case you are after – the one that you only use to carry your Nintendo or the one that you use while gaming. Maybe both?

Our Top 10 Nintendo Switch Cases

1. PowerA Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag

PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch

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This is the most spacious Nintendo Switch case on this list. It’s made for carrying not only the console itself but also its all accessories like cables and so on. It’s more like a 2 in 1 case as you get this large bad as well as a case for holding your Nintendo in hands.

If you’re serious about gaming on a Nintendo, this is a must-have accessory. Plus – not only you can carry Nintendo accessories, but any other stuff you like. Price is also decent.

2. YZtree Nintendo Switch Carrying Travel Case

Carry Case for Nintendo Switch - YZtree Portable Travel Carry Case,...

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Want something very simple yet robust and durable? For those who don’t look for anything fancy, a YZree Nintendo Switch carrying travel case is a great choice. It protects your Nintendo Switch from scratches, drops, dust, and water. For screen protection, it has an independent buffer layer. There’s a special compartment for game cards. Overall this truly is one of the best travel cases as it’s simple, durable and cheap.

3. Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case + Screen Protector

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Want an original piece of Nintendo? If it’s so, Nintendo Switch carrying case is a super choice. Even more – it comes together with a screen protector. It features original Nintendo Switch branding and logo and overall it’s a very robust case. The only downside is its price. To be honest, it’s fairly expensive and if money bothers you, previous YZtree case should be your choice as they are very similar.

4. Mumba Nintendo Switch case

Mumba case for Nintendo Switch, [Heavy Duty] Slim Rubberized [Snap on]...

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Want a case that’s more for gaming rather than transporting your precious Nintendo? Mumba Nintendo Switch case is a heavy duty case which is you can use while gaming. Because of rubber grip, it’s hard to drop it and if it does, it has superb shock absorption. If you usually game on your Nintendo Switch holding it in hands, this is a great choice.

5. The Original Nintendo Switch Game Console Hard Travel Case

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Simple, stylish and robust these three words characterize the original Nintendo Switch hard travel case. It has a hard shell design meaning it has it all to protect your console. Design as another cool thing about this case. It seems simple but at the same point stylish and cool. Just note that this case is more for carrying your Nintendo rather than gaming on it.

6. Findway Nintendo Switch Premium Case

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Basically, all of has gotten a transparent phone case at some point. Now you can get something similar to your Nintendo Switch. It’s very slim, lightweight and cheap as well as it does its functions – protects your Nintendo. The best thing is that this case includes three different pieces. So even if you remove controllers, they are protected as well as the screen is. Now that’s clever!

7. PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Travel Case

PDP Nintendo Switch Premium Travel Case for Console and Games

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Another very simple yet sturdy case. PDP Momtemdp Switch Premium Travel case is made from soft canvas and is able to protect your Nintendo from drops and dust. You also get a small compartment for game cards. Note that it’s officially licensed by Nintendo.

8. HORI Tough Pouch for Nintendo Switch

HORI Tough Pouch (Black) for Nintendo Switch Officially Licensed by...

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Hori is a very well know console accessory manufacturer. All of their product are very qualitative. Overall it’s a typical Nintendo Switch hard case.

9. RDS Industries Traveler Deluxe Case

Nintendo Switch System Carrying Case – Protective Deluxe Travel...

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Want a large case that can hold all your Nintendo Switch accessories that are very durable? RDS industries have got a case for you. This is probably one of the most durable and qualitative cases out there. Although it’s relatively expensive, it’s totally worth it.

10. PowerA Hybrid Cover

PowerA Hybrid Cover for Nintendo Switch

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At last but not the least, there’s hybrid cover from PowerA. The best thing about it is ability to set it up in an angle and these angles are adjustable making it great if you like to watch at screen while not hold it in your hands.

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