Best Storage Devices of 2017

Synology Diskstation DS1513+ review
There are three main types of consumer storage devices – internal hard drives, external hard drives and networks attached storage, called as NAS storage. Internal hard drives are built into computers. We usually use external hard drives for backups, they connects to PC via USB port. Network attached storage (NAS) connect to a switch or a router to provide storage to entire network. The market is big and it is very easy to get confused when searching for storage device. So, which is the best storage device from them all? Answer to that question will be different to everyone, because you need to find a device that fits your needs and budget the best. All devices listed below on this page represent the best among their respective categories.

Samsung SSD 850 Evo Review (Amazon Discount Link)

samsung ssd 850 evo review and comparison
The best combination of performance and price, making it the best internal hard drive for every home user. The price starts at only $79,99 for 120GB and $399.00 for 1TB on Amazon. This drive comes in various capacities – 120GB, 250GB, 500GB and 1TB, which is pretty massive capacity for SSD drive. Product dimensions: 3,9 X 2,8 X 0,3 inches and weight is 1,9 ounces. Shipping weight is about 5,6 ounces. Energy efficiency improves battery life by up to 50 minutes (for laptops), comparing to hard disk drives. Optimized performance for everyday computing needs. This internal drive has amazing 5 year warranty. Read amazon customer reviews

The Good: Amazing performance for affordable price = Great deal
The Bad: The Samsung SSD 850 Evo does not have the 10 year warranty that Pro models offer
Verdict: The Samsung SSD 850 Evo is the best internal hard drive of 2015, because of the combination of two the most important things – Price and Performance


Samsung Portable SSD T1 Review (Amazon Discount Link)

samsung portable drive t1 review
Yes, this portable drive is not the cheapest one. It comes in various capacities – 250GB500GB and 1TB. The price for 250GB is $169,00 on Amazon, and $568,89 for 1TB. But this drive stands for all external hard drives should be! This is the smallest SSD external hard drive, product dimensions is only: 2,8 x 2,1 x 0,4 inches and weight is only 1,1 ounces. Shipping weight is about 8 ounces. This is one of the top bestsellers on Amazon, and for a reason. Transfer speeds are astonishing, driven up to 450 MB/s by Turbo Write Technology. All You digital data will be well secured with AES 256-bit encryption. This device will work on both Windows and Mac computers with no hassle and reformatting. Samsung T1 has a nice metalic design, and this definitely is the most portable drive on the market at the moment. Samsung T1 have 3 year limited warranty. If You need superfast portable SSD drive then Samsung portable t1 is the one You are looking for! Read amazon customer reviews

Samsung SSD 850 Pro Review (Amazon Discount Link)

samsung ssd 850 pro review and comparison from HDDmagCan any internal hard drive be better than Samsung SSD 850 Evo ? Yes, and the answer is Samsung SSD 850 Pro, this hard drive is very similar to 850 Evo, but few small features makes it even a little better. For example this internal hard drive have 10 year limited warranty which is 2x times more than Samsung 850 Evo, it has only 5 year limited warranty. The price range is very similat to Evo series. It comes in various capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Prices starts with $99,99 for smaller 128GB capacity and goes up to $549,99 for biggest 1TB capacity. But is it worth it? With reading speed up to 550 Mb/s and writting speed up to 470 Mb/s, You should consider Buying it. Samsung Magician Software allows users to manage all of it`s features. Leading performance allows users to boot up computer in as little as 15 seconds. High energy efficiency improves battery life for notebooks, it can increase battery life by up to 45 minutes vs. standart hard drives. Read amazon customer reviews


Synology Diskstation DS1513+ Review (Amazon Discount Link) 

synology diskstation ds1513+ review and comparisonThe Synology Diskstation DS1513+ will transform the way You manage Your business and enjoy digital entertainment. It has a massive scalable storage, with capacity up to 60TB. This is a powerfull NAS for experienced users. Amazing performance, CPU frequency 2,13 Ghz. A ton of features – , which can easily confuse non-experienced user. It has expandable RAM module up to 4GB. DS1513+ comes with Synology Assistant for Mac and Windows computers, You can also found the software online in their official website. Web interface is very well made, and it is quite easy to understand and work with it. Synology Diskstation proved to be the fastest NAS server with reading speed 350 Mb/s and writting speed up to 200 Mb/s. The NAS also works very silently, the only thing i could here was Internal Hard Drives. Diskless version of Synology starts from $819,64 and 5 x 3TB version price is $1888,0. Product dimensions: 9,8 x 9,2 x 6,2 inches and weight is 16 pounds. Shipping weight is about 20,2 pounds.
  • DS1513+ has four LAN ports
  • Storage can be scaled up to 60TB with Synology DX513
  • Expand RAM up to 4GB
  • System fan redundancy and CPU passive cooling technology
  • VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper V ready
  • Automatic SHA failover
  • CPU frequency is 2,13Ghz
  • System Fan: 80 mm x 80 mm x 2
  • Interface: 2x USB 3.0 port, 4x USB 2.0 , 2x eSATA Port, 4x Gigabit LAN
  • Noise level is only: 19,2 dBA

Seagate Backup Plus Fast Review (Amazon Discount Link)

seagate backup plus fast review
You can read full Seagate Backup Plus Fast Review HERE.
Newest Seagate external hard drive – Backup Plus Fast, really is on of the fastest external hard drive. Backup Plus Fast main advantages is Speed and massive capacity. Backup Plus fast has 4TB capacity, it has two internal hard drives, which are RAID 0 configured. RAID 0 configuration allows device to achieve great reading and writting speeds. This external hard drive is 2x faster than competition, with reading speed up to 230 Mb/s and writting speed up to 220 Mb/s. Of course these speeds can only be achieved via USB 3.0 port, but drive is also compitable with older USB 2.0 port. Transfer speeds with USB 2.0 port will both be about 30 Mb/s. Seagate Backup Plus Fast price on Amazon is nly $249,99. Backup Plus fast is very portable, because it`s dimensions is only: 4,6 x 3,2 x 0,9 inches and weight is 10,4 ounces. If you are looking for something much bigger, we recommend Segate Bacup Plus 8TB (Review) version, which has very good TB/Price ratio and is relatively cheap. Or if you need speed instead of big capacity, check out best thunderbolt devices (Link). Read amazon customer reviews

Samsung Wireless Mobile Media Streaming Device Review  

(Amazon Discount Link)

samsung wireless mobile media streaming deviceSamsung Wireless is the best mobile backup and media streaming device for Android. The only bad thing i can tell about this device is that it will work only on Android devices. Samsung Wireless is like pocket size mobile media streaming service. It looks good and works good. It is powered via USB 3.0 port. On top of that, the performnace is great and battery life is good.  This little device has the best support for Video media formats. Price is only $99,99. Battery capacity is 4000mAh. The device can support up to five devices (Wi-Fi clients) at once. It comes formated in NTFS file system. Product dimensions is: 0,8 x 3,5 x 5,0 inches and it weighs just 9,7 ounces. Samsung wireless supports both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Samsung Wireless App for Android is included. It has 1,5TB of storage. Via USB 3.0 the transfer speed is 108,7 Mb/s for writting and 112,3 Mb/s reading. If you have iOS or Kindle Fire devices then you can check out Seagate Wireless Plus.


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