Top 10 Best Electric Leaf Blowers [2018]

best leaf blowers

It’s a known Fact that Technology has made our lives so much easier in all aspects. No matter how much any of us loves the Autumn season, we all can agree on one thing, that it can be a Nightmare to hand-rake those leaves from your yard. If you’re worried about the hard labor that’s ahead of you? Well take our suggestion and switch to Electric Leaf Blowers. Electric leaf blowers have not only made Raking easier rather one can now enjoy the mundane task of raking. Although the above might be true, searching for the best Electric Leaf blower can be quite a hassle. But put your Thoughts to ease, as we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Electric Leaf Blowers available in the market.

10. Poulan Weed Eater FB25 Review

Weed Eater FB25

This gas powered FB25 Model from Poulan is capable of outputting 290 CFM of air with speeds reaching up to 170mph. It has a unique handle, which is designed to absorb strong vibrations, thus making it comfortable to hold and maneuver. Weighing less than 8 pounds the Poulan Weed Eater is available for just under $80.


9. WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower 600 CFM

WORX TURBINE 12 Amp Corded Leaf Blower with

The Worx Wg520 is so light that you can use it with a single hand. Furthermore, it has the astonishing output of 600 CFM of air with speeds of up to 110mph which is twice as fast as the other gas powered blowers in the market. Making raking not only easy but more fun. The Worx WG520 has a sleek, fatigue-reducing handle design which is very comfortable.


8. Husqvarna 952711925

Husqvarna 952711925 125B 28cc

The handle on Husqvarna is designed in such a way that it is proportional to the Airstream, making it quite comfortable and less strainful on the hand and wrist. Although not recommended for left-hand users, the Husqvarna 952711925 has made our list of top 10 because of its unique design and powerful outthrow of Air. With a length adjustable blow tube, the Husqvarna is available on Amazon for approximately $143.99.


7. Performance W50063 Tool Garage/Shop Blower

Performance Tool 600 Watt Garage/Shop Blower, Model# W50063

Designed for medium to small tasks, The Performance W50063 Tool has a motor with astounding 16000 rotations per minute. Which makes it one of the most powerful Leaf blowers on this list, with air speeds reaching up to 75mph. The performance W50063 blower is not only easily storable but quite cheap with a price tag of only $22.


6. Black and Decker LSW36

BLACK+DECKER LSW36 40V Lithium Ion Cordless Sweeper

This Efficient yet powerful Leaf Blower is run by a 40-volt Lithium-Ion battery which is rechargeable. The Black and Decker LSW36 has output speeds of over 120mph which comes in quite handy. Moreover, with a rechargeable time of only 1 hour, the Black and Decker LsW36 has a weight of only 4.7 pounds, making it possible to be used with one hand. Available for only $66.29 Black and Decker LSW36 is worth the price tag.


5. Greenworks Pro GBL80300 Cordless Blower

GreenWorks Pro GBL80300 80V 125MPH - 500CFM Cordless Blower

Even Though many of the rechargeable Leaf blowers in the market are underpowered, but when it comes to Greenworks, that is not the case. One of the most soundless leaf blowers in the market, The Greenworks Pro has an output power of 500 cubic feet of air with speeds of 125mph per minute.  Powered by a lithium-ion Battery the Greenworks PRO has a runtime of 70 minutes and is easily available on Amazon for $200.


4. Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld

Hitachi Leaf Blowers

Although a bit loud, the Hitachi RB24EAP is the perfect blower for a medium to a small yard, with an output of about 440 cubic feet of air with speeds of up to 170mph which makes it a perfect contender when it comes to Top 10 Electric Leaf blowers. With a Compact and innovative design, the Hitachi RB24EAP is quite easy to handle and comfortable to hold.


3. DEWALT DCBL720P1 Lithium-Ion Blower

DEWALT DCBL720P1 20V MAX 5.0 Ah Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower

Undoubtedly one of the most Efficient beast on this list, with a massive 400 CFM air output and speeds reaching up to 90 mph makes Dewalt DCBL720P1 a force to be reckoned with. Not only is this leaf blower a cordless that runs on a rechargeable lithium battery but also has the versatility of Gas-powered Leaf Blowers. Its sleek axial fan design has maximized not only the runtime but also the air output.


2. Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack

Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower

One of the best options on this list for Cleaning up large Yards is Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack. Not only is Poulan-pro quite efficient but it takes the stress off your wrist and hands, as it’s wearable like a backpack. With Trigger based operations and Cruise Control Functionality, the Poulan Pro has an astounding 48 cc Engine (2- stroke) with an output of 475 CFM and speeds reaching up to an astonishing 200 mph. The price tag for Poulan Pro 48cc varies from $230 to $280.


1. Toro 51609 Ultra Review

Toro 51609 Ultra leaf blowers

One of the most Powerful Machines on this list, The Toro 51609 Ultra has the capability of blowing out air with speeds reaching to 235mph. Weighing around 12 pounds the Toro 51609 Ultra also functions as a Vacuum and has a detachable zipper bag to easily collect and dump leaves.



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