One pair of denim shorts is a must-have in man’s wardrobe, especially for warm weather. However, there are different opinions about these shorts – some love them and some hate them. Most of the men wear jeans for almost every day then why shouldn’t you wear denim shorts? Also, these shorts are usually very solid and well-built meaning they can last for years and unlike as with cloth clothing that overtime looks only worse and worse, clothes made for denim doesn’t lose their appeal. We have all sean worn out jeans, denim shorts, and jackets and doesn’t they look cool?

Nowadays there’s a variety of different denim shorts. Ones with slim, regular, loose or skinny fits. Also, you can choose from many different lengths. Want shorts that will look very casual and be below your knee, or maybe more breathable ones that are above the knee? You can have them all. Our advice is when you find the shorts you like, don’t hesitate and buy them. First, they are not that expensive plus they go along with basically everything and, as I already mentioned, denim is durable fabric.


Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular-Fit Short

If you’re looking for a brand that manufacturers denim clothes, then you can’t go wrong with Levi’s. They are pioneers of denim clothing and were first who introduced denim for workwear. Levi’s brand indeed has a long history of manufacturing jeans and other denim products that’s why our first pick is a very simple pair of Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular-Fit denim shorts. You just can’t go wrong with them.

These short are as simple as they can be, there’s nothing unnecessary. You can choose them in one of four colors: Black and Dark, Light, Medium stonewash.


Calvin Klein Men’s 5 Pocket Short

Next are quite simple denim shorts from Calvin Klein. There’s just something about them especially in worn concrete and purple dusk colors. While looking simple they have a stylish touch. The only downside is that these shorts are labeled as handwash.


Wrangler Authentics Mens Classic Carpenter Shorts

Wrangler is another American jeans and denim manufacturing company that makes very straightforward and simple clothing yet with a good quality. You get the nice large pocket to store everything and a fairly regular/loose fit to feel comfortable. These denim shorts are more for practical than fashion men. They are also quite cheap when compared with other shorts


Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Denim Utility Work Shorts

If you’re looking for denim shorts with tons of pockets and practicality, take a look at these Carhartt Men’s Lightweight Denim Utility Work Shorts. They are 100% Cotton can be washed in washing machine. You can choose them in one of three tones of blue.


Idopy Men`s Cargo Denim Biker shorts

These shorts feature a worn out design and are over the knee. There are tons of pockets and they are made from 100% Cotton meaning no stretch. You can wash them in washing machine


Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight Denim Short

Another popular jorts model from denim shorts guru – Levi’s. They are right below the knee and has a loose fit. For those who appreciate comfort.

A brief look in denim history

Denim is a fabric made of cotton wrap-faced textile. Denim for clothing gained popularity in 1873. A Latvian-Jewish tailor that emigrated to America made the first pair of jeans as in know of being the inventor of denim. An interesting fact is that at first, denim was used for working clothing because of its sturdiness. Later they were a symbol of disobedience until they became fashionable. Jeans and denim became popular at around 1960s.

Later other clothing was made from denim like jackets and shorts. So what does “jorts” stand for? Simply it combines two words: jeans and shorts resulting in jorts.

Choosing denim shorts

Choosing your perfect denim shorts may be challenging as there are many factors like size, your body type, color. That’s why we have created a list of best denim shorts on the market. They will fit great for men in all ages plus they will be fashionable for years to come. Whether you’re after something simple or exactly opposite – want to stand out from the crowd, this list is for you.

Despite the model, all denim shorts should fit you well. This is the kind of clothing that has to be very comfortable as well as stylish. No compromises here. You can get ones in a variety of colors. However, we advise sticking to classic blue, black or grey simply because they will go together with everything.

Final words

We hope that in the list above you were able to find denim shorts that you like and if you didn’t, we hope you got an idea of what you like and what you don’t. As I mentioned earlier, if you find the pair of jorts that you really like, you shouldn’t hesitate and get it. If those denim shorts are made by a well-known manufacturer, you can be sure that it’s a good investment into your wardrobe.


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