With Christmas just around the corner, many of us get confused as to what kind of gifts we should give to our loved ones. It can be one of the most thought-provoking moments to decide what kind of gifts to buy. Often people come under a lot of pressure and get confused and end up buying lame gifts which not only makes us look bad but leaves a bad impression.

Often the simplest gifts are the best ones. One such gift is pillow covers, especially Christmas themed Pillow covers. Not only are they inexpensive, cute but are like the cherry on top for your Christmas Décor. But if you’re worried about which pillow covers to buy, then sit back, relax and grab your pillows as we have finalized a list of Top 10 Christmas Pillow covers.

With Pretty Snowflake embezzlements sewn on to the front, the Elife Snowflake covers have made our list of Top 10 for their unique, and stylish look that is perfect for your living Room Christmas Decor. The Elife Snowflake covers can easily fit 18×18 inch pillow and are available in 5 different colors. You can either choose from a modern black or a traditional Christmas red color. Features a hidden zipper on one side and is made up of durable linen (Cotton).

The Emotion Christmas Tree gives a Cartoony, Vintage Vibe which will be a perfect addition to the ambiance of your Living room for its Christmas décor. The 4th Emotion Christmas pillow cover features off-white color with a printed red car carrying a Christmas tree on the front. The cover is completely machine washable, and due to its off-white color, the Pillow cover is perfect for a burlap and rustic Christmas theme.

With a set of 6 Covers, The HOSL SD39 is a must have for your Christmas decor, no matter whether you want to decorate your car, bedroom or Living Room. Featuring a hidden zipper, the set of 6 HOSL SD39 has the same color scheme which makes them easy to match and mix. The traditional red color scheme of Christmas features a cartoony theme which will not only be loved by kids but adults as well. The HOSL SD39 apart from being a great addition to your Christmas decor can only be served as a great gift for your loved ones.

For those who like the red plaid theme will love the Fjfz Christmas Deer Raid Pillow cover. Fjfz features an off-white background with a deer in the middle with the insides filled with red plaid. For those who don’t like reindeers, there is also an option for a plaided bear and cut-out Christmas Tree. If you’re into a subtler approach for your Christmas Decor than this Pillow cover is the best choice for you.

The Hippih Christmas Decorative Covers is a set of four pillow covers which gives a quaint feel to your Christmas decor. The designs for Hippih Throw Covers features a tree, Santa Claus, a couple of Christmas gifts and a reindeer. The variety of designs makes them a perfect addition to your couch or bed.

If you’re looking for a large pillow cover this Christmas, then UOOPOO Chalkboard is the perfect throw pillow cover for you. Featuring a white and gray theme with “I dream of Christmas” written in chalkboard style in the front, makes this pillow cover blend in with your Christmas decor. The Uoopoo can easily fit a 16 by 16-inch pillowcase and has a side zipper.

Made with Burlap, the Linkwell Shabby has an old, chic vibe to it. The print is full of dark red and greenish colors. The design features Santa Claus and Christmas bells in the front. With a side zipper to easily remove the pillow, Linkwell Shabby is the perfect addition to the vintage Christmas ambiance of your living room. Not only that but it will be the perfect gift for your loved ones during this Christmas.

Full of vibrant colors the Bell Outdoor Throw Pillowcase is made up of polyester. It will be an extravagant addition to your Christmas Decor whether it be your living room or on your porch. The massive bell brings out the traditional Christmas colors and spirit, which would make this pillow cover a great Christmas gift as well.

The nostalgic Road Trip Santa Crewel features Santa in his new car loaded full of gifts gives a very fun yet vibrant vibe. The crewel embroidery on the off-white background makes it the perfect contender for the next best addition to your Christmas décor.

For people who like red color for their Christmas décor, Sykting Embroidery is the best choice when it comes to pillow covers as it features a bold red and white print. The set comes in four different designs, one with a snowflake, one with Santa riding his sleigh and a reindeer. Easy to clean and easy to remove since it features a hidden yet accessible hidden zipper. Sykting pillowcase has topped our list for the unique design along with the fact that this might be the only pillow cover you need this Christmas as regarding embroidery, design or even price, Sykting beats all.



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