When it comes to summers nothing is more synonymous than drinking beer, but not just any beer, a cold one goes a long way during that hot, humid day. The only problem most of us face is the leaky, old-fashioned ice coolers that can’t keep the beers cold for so long. And most of us understand the need to have the perfect ice coolers around for those long trips on road, or those camping and fishing trips. We need our beers cold during those hot days. If you also struggle with choosing and buying the best ice coolers for your beer cans, put your rumbled thoughts to rest as we have compiled a list of Top 10 Best Can Coolers for you. So, sit back, relax open a can of cold beer and choose the best cooler for yourself from our list.

10. Magna Cool™ Magnetic Bottom Soft Cooler Ice Chest

Magna Cool Magnetic Bottom Soft Cooler Ice Chest, 24 Can

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The world’s very first magnetic bottom soft cooler was designed by Magna Cool, boasting an ice retaining life of 3 days. The Magnetic Bottom comes with a very affordable budget, a budget way cheaper as compared to the items on our list. With this kind of budget, it’s well worth it because of its sturdy built and durable.

9. RTIC® 30 Portable Soft Pack Cooler

RTIC 30 Soft Pack (Keeps Ice up to 5 Days!)

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RTIC 30 is not only one of the best soft-sided cooler in the world but it also has the honor of being the most sought-after cooler on Amazon. It’s super strong, puncture resistant, with an outer soft shell of vinyl. The RTIC is waterproof and leak proof.

8. Ice Mule Pro Cooler XX-Large

IceMule 1014-TB Pro Large Collapsible Portable Soft Sided Roll Top 23...

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One of the most interesting and innovative ideas for coolers is the Ice Mule Pro, which is designed like a backpack easy to carry and perfect for hikers and other outdoor activities. With a capacity of about 40 liters, the Ice Mule Pro can hold ice for long periods due to its welded seams.

7. Otter Box Venture 45

OtterBox Venture Cooler 45 Quart - Ridgeline (Tan/Green)

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Although very new to the cooler industry, the Otter Box Venture does feature some additional innovative ideas, such as a built-in bottle opener, a locking mechanism and is also certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bea Committee to be mauling proof.

6. Orion 85

Orion Heavy Duty Premium Cooler (55 Quart, Ember), Durable Insulated...

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Not as famous as Yeti brand, still Orion coolers are famous for the same amount of durability, ability to retain cold for longer periods of time and reliable when it comes to hunting, fishing or any outdoor activity. Packed with multiple layers polyurethane Insulation the Orion 85 comes in multi shades of colors.

5. ORCA 40-Quart Cooler

ORCA COOLERS White 40 Quart

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Developed by the “Outdoor Recreation Company of America” the ORCA 40 is made up heavy-duty materials, making it so tough that it can withstand being mauled by a Bear. With a weight of about 24 pounds, this rotomolded beer cooler can prevent ice from melting for more than a few days, making it one of the best beer coolers on this list.

4. Yeti Hopper Two 30 Soft Side Cooler

YETI 18025140000 Hopper Two 30 Portable Cooler Field, Fog Gray/Tahoe...

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The only one of its kind, Yeti Hopper Two is the only Soft-side cooler which is not only leakproof but also waterproof, with an extra feature of having one of the best zippers in the world, the Hydrolok-zipper. The Yeti Hopper two has no rival and has made our list of top 10 for these points.

3. Engel USA Deep Blue Series High-Performance Coolers

Engel ENG35 High Performance Cooler - Tan

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The major issue being faced today by people who have a cooler is draining the water from the inside before the ice replacement. Engel Deep Blue offers a great solution to this problem, which is that the water will drain itself completely.

2. Pelican Elite Cooler

Pelican Elite 70 Quart Cooler (White/Gray)

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Pelican is known for their military grade cases for drones, the company boasts its reputation for the high-end cases. Their Elite cooler consists of a high-end freezer seal which prevents ice from melting its hardbound casing also prevent breakage of leakage. Hands down one of the most durable coolers on this list, the Pelican Elite is available for a hefty budget.

1. YETI Tundra Series Coolers

YETI Tundra 75 Cooler, Desert Tan

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The perfect and most elegant cooler on this list, Yeti Tundra is the perfect fit for your next hiking, fishing or camping trip. Yeti coolers are known to make the ice last longer as compared to other coolers. This Particular, Yeti series has the same molding as many of the boat coolers. Its big enough to carry two beer packs but small enough to be easily carried along anywhere. It’s rotomolded built makes it completely indestructible along with several layers of insulation present this model can keep ice for a couple of days.

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