It’s very annoying when an error appears that stop all your work and restart your computer in the worst possible timing. Whether you are using a brand new, relatively new or old computer, you can get Dumping physical memory error. You can get it while installing a specific software or Windows itself as well as while working or entertaining yourself by watching movies or playing games.

Usually, when this error occurs, your computer will restart, or it can also freeze your screen until you turn off your computer or restart it manually. Over time this can become very frustrating that’s why we have created this article to help you solve this blue screen dump of physical memory issue.

What’s Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error?

Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory is a Blue Screen of Death or BSOD error. Why does it occur? Well, there are numerous of reasons why you can get this screen. Therefore, there are also many solutions. If you don’t know the exact cause of this, you will have to perform many solutions one by one until the problem is fixed. Keep on reading on how to fix this error code.

Causes of Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory error

As we already mentioned there can be many various causes to this error. Here is a list of the most common of them:

  • Windows Drivers are corrupted or outdated
  • Windows Registry is corrupted
  • Ram is faulty
  • Windows is corrupted
  • BIOS is corrupted

As you see, there are five main causes of Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory Error. This means solutions will vary depending on the underlying cause. As I already mentioned, this is why you will have to perform many solutions until you find the right one that solves your issue. As you perform solutions mentioned below, make sure you follow each step correctly. At the end of the solution if it doesn’t help, move to next one. Do this until the Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory error is fixed.

1. Make a research on Beginning Dump Of Physical Memory error

The first thing you should do when you come across this error is researching it. Gathering and learning as much information as you can is advisable. Doing some solutions and fixes with out having a clue why did it occur or what are the possible causes isn’t the wisest thing to do. There are tons of information on the internet. All you need to do is type the ‘blue screen dump of physical memory error, ” and you will find many websites explaining it and offering possible fixes. Now when you know what this error is and its possible causes, let’s fix it!

2. Clean registries, update and repair Windows and its driversWindows update

Just as I mentioned, in most cases this error occurs because of the Windows operating system – corrupt registries or outdated drivers. Repairing Windows and its registries is a rather simple task to do, and it doesn’t take a lot of your time. We have created an article about How to Fix Blue Screen of Death. You can find information about updating your drivers and cleaning registries. See link below:

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death?

3. Troubleshooting and repairing RAMRAM

If you have tried every solution in our “How to Fix Blue Screen of Death?” article and nothing seem to have worked. We strongly advise checking your RAM. As you use your system more often, it’s also more likely to get RAM errors. It’s also possible that there is something wrong with RAM connection to your motherboard. Maybe connector is dirty? Open your PC case and take a look. If everything seems to be ok, you might want to download a certain software to test your RAM and troubleshoot it.

Final words

If nothing of previously mentioned helped, there always is the last solution that will fix your PC with a guarantee unless this error is associated with physical damage to components. You can always reinstall your Windows. Don’t worry about your data – back them up or choose installation, where are your data won’t get lost. After reinstallation, your Windows should work just great. However, if it doesn’t you can be almost certain that the cause of this issue is RAM related and most likely you will have to buy a new RAM. If you are into gaming and look for high-performance RAM sticks, check out our Best Gaming RAM article.


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