MANHATTAN, N.Y. – Apple has taken a new fate in the technology scene by acquiring PowerbyProxi, a New Zealand-based company that is an expert on wireless charging technology. Both parties did not disclose the amount of the buy-out.

Founded in 2007, PowerbyProxi was led by its founder Fady Mishriki that ventured on and specialized with small and Qi standard modules. The modules allow power transfusion to larger devices such as medical equipment, drones, and even robots.

The iPhone maker, Apple, has acquired the wireless technology company to shift further on its venture when it comes to wireless charging. In a statement from Dan Riccio, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering, PowerbyProxi is a great addition to their team to leverage on wireless in the future.

In the recent launches of the tech giant last September 8, 2017, all units are capable of wireless charging and wireless accessories. They also introduced their newest line of iPhone devices in the likes of iPhone 8, iPhone 8S, and the anniversary phone, the iPhone X on that same date.

Apple Acquires NZ-based Wireless Charging Firm, PowerbyProxi

Apple is making it big to produce wireless-powered technology. As such, they removed their iPhone’s headphone jack and other Bluetooth accessories investments.

With this acquirement and development through PowerbyProxi, Apple is very vocal and transparent about their plans to release AirPower by 2018. AirPower is a charging mat for Apple devices that promotes cordless charging activity.

Apple is not releasing yet its concrete plans on how PowerbyProxi would take a lead role when it comes to producing wireless devices and wireless capable accessories by 2018. The tech giant is sure that the newly acquired team will do great for their plans.

Moreover, this venture serves as one of the biggest innovations when it comes to wireless charging and empowering other wireless accessories by Apple. PowerbyProxi, on the other hand, is very thrilled to join one of the leading gadget makers recognized across the globe.


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