REDMOND, Wash. – Nintendo, the makers of Super Mario, announced that they will be releasing a major Super Mario Run update on Friday, September 29. At the same time, the game will also be on sale and made available for download.

The update will add a new game mode called Remix 10 which features portions of 10 different levels. This will let players try out a set of 10 quick game sections from Super Mario Run’s current in-game levels one after the other.

Each level has new layouts and challenges with rainbow-colored medals to collect. The title doesn’t have a Game Over screen, and this means that players can proceed to the next level and familiarize themselves with the game.

The update will also make it possible for players to play as Princess Daisy. The character of Princess Daisy will only be playable after gamers have finished the stages and successfully rescued her.

Princess Daisy is also equipped with a special ability called double jump. With this ability, gamers now have a whole new way to finish the levels, collect hard to find coins, or simply defeat others in Toad Rally.

Nintendo also added a new world called “World Star” for players to check out. It has nine levels and can only be unlocked if the players have finished all the stages of Worlds one through six.

Players will also be allowed to choose their own songs while playing the Super Mario game. This will also be reflected in-game because players will see that Mario and his friends are now wearing headphones.

Along with the update, there will be a 2-week 50% off sale for the full game unlock. At the same time, the update will soon be available for download.

Super Mario Run may not have earned as much as Nintendo expected, but this did not prevent the company from supporting the game and adding frequent updates.



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