With all the benefits that come with playing darts games, the number one benefit is that it will make you a happier person. When you consider all the socializing, exercising, and entertainment that comes from playing darts games, how could it not? But there are some darts games which will make you happier than others. The attributes of these games which have a lot to do with your level of happiness include the type of dartboard you’re playing on and the rules of the darts game that you’re playing.

To find out which darts games will make you the happiest, below are 6 recommendations of wonderful darts games which everybody loves to play.


501 is a standard darts game that you might see people playing in tournaments. However, it is also a common darts game for recreational purposes. Every player starts out with 501 points and the goal is to reduce their points to exactly 0 by striking the numbered segments on the dart board. A lot of players like to have fun with this game by choosing an attractive dartboard to play it on. You can learn about lots of attractive dartboard options by visiting the darts blog called Peak Picker. The most popular ones for 501 are the bristle dart board and electronic dartboard. 


Shanghai is a fun game that will get a large group of darts players excited. It is where there are 7 innings and the goal of each inning is to strike just one numbered segment. For example, if it is the 2nd inning, then all the players must strike the number 2 segment only. If they strike a triple or double zone in that segment, they get 6 points and 4 points; respectively. The player with the most points after 7 innings will win the game. The game may be challenging, but it is fun if not taken too seriously. It will likely be a long game, so this will give you hours of happiness and joy. 


If you were to go to any pub that has a dart board, you can be sure that there’d be a group of people playing cricket. It is one of the most popular darts games in the world, particularly in the Americas. People love to play cricket because the rules are easy to follow and learn. Not only that, it is fun to play with a group of other people who just want to relax and have a good time. Nobody feels any real pressure or stress from playing cricket. You just need to hit the numbers from 20 to 15 approximately three times and then hit the bullseye. The person or team that does this first will win.


For those who want a shorter version of the 501 game, the 301 game is the perfect option. This is where you start with 301 points and must get to 0 points. People find it more entertaining and fun because the games end quicker and it gives more people playing a chance to win. That way, there can be rematches and a more fun competitive atmosphere amongst friends and family. Once again, this game is best played on bristle and electronic dartboards.

Around the World

Around the World is a gaming concept taken from the popular basketball game. In darts, the objective of Around the World is to consecutively hit all the numbers in order from 1 to 20. If you hit a number out of sequence, then you don’t score any points and must keep trying until you do hit the number. This is another game that can take a while to complete so if you have a lot of time to spare with friends and family, you could be happy for hours from this. 


If you want a thrilling darts game that is challenging and exciting, then Killer is the game to play. Each player chooses one number and uses the hand they don’t normally throw with to try and hit it. The goal is to hit a double of your chosen number so you can become a “killer.” Once you are a killer, you start trying to hit doubles of your opponents’ numbers. Each time you hit their number, it counts as a kill. All players get 3 lives each before they’re eliminated. The killer is a darts game that is almost like playing a video game because you get lives and kills. If you enjoy this sort of thing, it will make you very happy.



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