Have you decided to get yourself an external hard drive? That’s great, and probably the best capacity that fits all your needs is 2TB. These external hard drives usually are very affordable and still offer plenty of space. The truth is, 80% of people don’t need anything with a larger capacity of 2TB. If you’re one of them and you think you won’t even use 2TB, check out our 1TB external hard drive buying guide. Why buy a more expensive 4TB external hard drive if you’re never going to use that amount of space anyway?

We have listed the best available 2TB external hard drives on the market, all of them feature high read/write speeds and offer a decent warranty. All you have to do is choose the right fit for your needs.

Our Top 6 2TB External Hard Drive picks:

1.Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim – Overall best 2TB portable HDD

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is a portable external hard drive with very sleek looks and it’s also very fast. This external hard drive like an improved and faster version of Backup Plus Slim with some extra style. Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim is a great choice for those who need a performance and a quality build. The textured metal design makes it durable and attractive. In our tests, this external hard drive reached read speed of 170MB/s and a write speed of 144MB/s, and that’s quite impressive. As this model stands for “Ultra Slim” it comes only in two capacities: 1TB and 2TB. It also works great with Mac, all you have to do is reformat.

2.WD My Passport – The most popular 2TB external HDDWD My Passport

WD My Passport is one of the most popular external hard drives on the market, and there is a reason for that. This drive offers good performance for good money. We can easily call WD My Passport a best external hard drive for average user, especially 2TB version. Of course, you can get also 4TB for those who need that extra storage. In our tests, this drive reached a quite similar read/write speeds of about 110MB/s.

The design is another key feature of this external hard drive as you can choose one out of six colors. WD lets you get an external hard drive that fits your wallet, style and any system – PC, Mac, gaming console? You name it!

3.Seagate Expansion – Reliable 2TB external hard driveSeagate expansion 2TB

Unlike previous portable external hard drives, Seagate Expansion is a desktop external hard drive. This means it’s great for home use with your PC or gaming console. If for portable external hard drives WD My Passport is the best choice for average user then for desktop external hard drives Seagate Expansion is the best. It works with USB 3.0 and is backward compatible USB 2.0. Performance is decent, it’s not the best out there, but you also can’t complain as it gets things done relatively fast. You can get this drive in 5 capacities where 2TB is the smallest and 8TB the biggest.

For Mac compatibility, this Hard Drive requires reformatting.

4.Toshiba Canvio Connect II – Cheap 2TB portable hard driveToshiba Canvio Connect II

This 2TB external hard drive offers a lot of features, like personal cloud software, password protection, and four different color options for a very affordable price. If you want a portable external storage device that does more than just a basic external hard drive, then Toshiba Canvio Connect II might be just for you. This is one of the best backup drives out there. It comes with NTI Backup Now EZ, and with PogoPlug PC, that lets you host your own cloud services on your laptop or desktop. This drive gives you 10GB of cloud storage on PogoPlug’s online service. That’s not too much when comparing with Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slims 200GB, but still, it’s better then most drives out there as they feature no cloud storage.

5.WD Elements – Basic and cheap 2TB external driveWD elements

WD elements is another great external hard drive from Western Digital. It offers large capacities for a low price. This is one of the cheapest 2TB external hard drives on the market for sure! Drawbacks are it’s lack security features and short 1-year warranty. This drive is formatted in NTFS for Windows. If you want to use it for Mac, this Hard Drive requires reformatting.

6.Samsung T3 – Best 2TB external solid state drive SSDSamsung T3

Samsung T3 is a superb choice for professionals and those who seek super fast performance and durability. This drive uses V-NAND flash memory and has USB 3.1 type C connector. Samsung claims that T3 can reach read-write speeds of 450MB/s! This surely is one of the fastest external SSDs on the market.

As this is SSD, the dimensions are super slim, T3 fits in your jeans pocket with no problems. This is the first external hard drive that has a capacity of 2TB. Of course, all of that comes with the price. Samsung T3 cost more than some laptops.

How to choose an external hard drive?

There are few things to keep in mind when choosing an external hard drive. First, you have to decide whether you need a portable or desktop external hard drive. The portable drive uses only one cable – USB 3.0 is quite lightweight – ideal for carrying around. On the other hand desktop external hard drive uses two cables – USB cable and power cable. It’s more suitable for stationary use – for example, plugged into your PS4 or Xbox One console. Most people would choose a portable hard drive as it’s very versatile and has smaller dimensions.

You can also choose a rugged external hard drive that can survive some shocks and is water resistant. There are external hard drives with the IP68 standard on the market. That’s great if you love to carry your external hard drive with you outdoors or just throw it in your bag with no extra care.

Most people will use an external hard drive with an actual mechanical disk. However, for those who seek performance, SSD are available like Samsung T3 mentioned above. These drives are super speedy and are twice or even three times as fast as a similar mechanical external hard drive. They are also more reliable and produce zero noise, but the drawback is the price. 3x faster also means 3x more expensive. We recommend these drives only to professionals who need that extra performance and reliability for work.


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