Is 4TB Internal Hard Disk Drives The Most Reliable?

It is known that 4TB internal hard drives are the most reliable, but which hard drive brand is more reliable?

Overall from all different capacities the 4TB capacity is the most reliable, with lowest failure rates. After you know that 4TB is right capacity for you, next you need to find out which hard drive manufacturer is more reliable.

We will look at four biggest brands – Seagate, Western Digital, HGST and Toshiba.

For new the number one – most reliable hard drive brand is HGST, with 1.3% failure rate from more than 11 000 internal hard drives.

The second most reliable hard drive manufacturer is Western Digital. but notice that data is collected just from 45 hard drives working 24/7 for more than a year. Western Digital is one of the biggest player in the market and have many very popular products, also judged by thousands of cutomer reviews we can say that Western Digital is very trustworthy brand.

Another big player is Seagate with failure rate of 3% from more than 17 500 hard disk drives. It may seem like – the more hard disk drives you have the bigger will failure rate. Definitely no, because Toshiba has failure rate of 3.6% just from 145 hard disks, which is relatively very high score. 

It is very hard to determine which hard drive brand is more reliable. Reliability is factor in which cosnumers are interested the most. Both capacity and price won`t affect consumers choice as much as hard drive reliability.

It would take enormous amounts of time, work and money to make some very good experiments and determine the most reliable hard drive, it`s not affordable at the moment so we have to trust on data collected by cloud storage companies like Blackbaze.