After considering which PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 console is best, then comes the crux of the whole gaming war. Which console has the better games? The answer to this question can outstrip the rest of each consoles’ pros and cons for the average gamer, but of course, who has the better games is by nature largely subjective. XBox 360 Games vs PS3 Games: Exclusives Many games are available on both XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 and are comparable in game play and price. This factoid makes the decision of which system has better games require a little more research. Several popular game series are only available on 1 console. The highest rated of these exclusive series include: • Halo 1, 2, 3 – XBox • Ninja Gaiden – XBox • Knight of the Old Republic – XBox • Rallisport Challenge – XBox • Fable 1, 2 – XBox • Ratchet and Clank – PlayStation • Arc the Lad – PlayStation • EverQuest – PlayStation • Tekken – PlayStation Within the gaming community, it is a well-voiced complaint that there are not enough PlayStation 3 exclusive games to make the $400+ price tag worth it yet. XBox 360, at half the price and with probably double the game catalog seems the likely winner of the gaming catalog war. Game Reviews: MetaCritic XBox 360 may have more games, but who wins the quality battle? A bunch of games doesn’t mean anything if none of them are good, right? While gaming reviews are largely objective, there are some universal factors that most professional reviewers take into account when reviewing a game. These factors include graphics, difficulty, story, downloadable content and replayability, among other things. Research from gaming review sites such as and indicates that XBox 360 not only has more higher rated games that PlayStation 3, but, also, a higher percentage of its games are more highly rated, meaning that between a random 360 game and a random PS3 game chances are good the XBox 360 game is more highly rated than the PS3 game. However, Sony’s stance is that the PlayStation 3 will come out on top in the long run and therefore it requires more patience from its community of fans, who will be rewarded later. XBox 360 already proved that it rushes things out without properly QA testing (see XBox Hardware Failure) so perhaps PlayStation 3 will pass the test of time better than 360 by coming out with an extensive collection of quality games. XBox Live Marketplace VS PlayStation Store Another component of the console war to consider is the online community. Both consoles come with an online community available through a subscription subscription service. XBox Live charges for a membership while PlayStation provides a free online service. Bottom line: The XBox Live Marketplace is more evolved than the PlayStation Home/Store. Both consoles have recently updated versions of their online community. Microsoft launched the New XBox Experience in November 2008 complete with avatars, streaming Netflix movies, party chats and more goodies added to its already extensive online marketplace. PlayStation added Home to its online community but has received numerous criticisms. While XBox Live isn’t perfect, it far outdoes PlayStation Home's freeze-prone shoddy programming, lack of properly working features, and constantly late releases on promised and much hyped items for the online community. In conclusion, XBox 360 has a higher percentage of highly rated games and a more intuitive and inclusive online marketplace than PlayStation 3.

While both systems aim to provide a next-generation gaming experience, they go about it in very different ways. This is apparent from the first moment they are removed from their respective boxes.

The Look – The Console Shell Itself

When launched, both consoles were approximately the same size, but with the introduction of the Ps3 Slim version, it sits quite a bit lower to the ground and bears more than a passing resemblance to its prior-generator sibling, the Ps2.

There are a few curved lines on the front and sides, and the addition of a mirrored panel near the power button gives the Ps3 a sleek look. The power button is located on the right-hand edge of the unit, along the mirrored strip, with only a small red led light to announce its presence.

The Xbox 360 goes for more of a classic “rectangle” look and was initially available only in white. The front of the unit is dominated by a large power button with a green ring around it. Due to production and heat problems, many Xbox 360’s have suffered power or fatal failures, resulting in the typically green lights of this ring going red. In gaming slang, this has become known as the “Red Ring of Death” and is used to indicate that the unit has failed.

Hands On – The Controllers

Both the Xbox 360 and feature wireless controllers, though the method of charging them differs. The Xbox controllers initially come with two “AA” batteries that will last nine or ten hours but then need to be replaced. A charger can be purchased which will substitute a rechargeable battery pack for the batteries.

The Ps3 controller is also wireless, but charges when it is plugged via a USB cable (included) into the Ps3 itself. The advantage of this system is that there is no necessity to purchase a separate charging unit.

In terms of use, both controllers feature a myriad of buttons and triggers as well as two analog sticks and a directional pad. The only significant difference between the two is the size. The Xbox controller is half again as large as the Ps3 controller and both have “horns” that fit in the palm of the hand. The reaction here is mixed – some will swear by one controller, some the other. Which is better will likely depend on play style and hand size.

Getting Connected – Outputs and Inputs

Each unit offers component video cable support, HDMI support, and a digital audio out jack on the back. Both come standard with AC power cords, but in both cases, an HDMI or digital optical cable must be purchased separately.

The units also both have an Ethernet cable connection at the rear, but the Ps3 also supports wireless internet access, which eliminates the need for a cable altogether. While receiving the signal will necessitate having access to a wireless network and wireless works have the potential to be less stable than their wired counterparts, the option for a wireless connection is very convenient.

Sights and Sounds – Turning Them on

The Ps3 and Xbox both take less than thirty seconds to get up and running, but the background noise while running them is significantly different. The Ps3 starts up with a small ‘beep’ and will occasionally where or click as a CD or Blu-Ray is loaded.

The Xbox, meanwhile, sounds like a small jet is starting up when it is turned on. It will periodically stop making this noise, but not for long. It is common knowledge in the gaming industry that Xbox consoles are large sources of heat, and overheating is the most common cause of the “Red Ring of Death“.

Both consoles use CD/DVD’s for their actual games, in addition to downloadable content which can be stored on a hard drive or memory card. The divergence here happens when playing movies. The Xbox is capable of playing DVDs, but the Ps3 functions as a Blu-Ray player. While upon release the Ps3 was twice the cost of the Xbox, both systems have now settled into a $299 price range.

The technology on both units is similar and functions equally well on each. A definitive statement cannot be made as to which unit is the better value, but with its Blu-Ray capabilities and stronger track record for functionality, the Ps3 does have several hardware advantages over the Xbox 360.


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