What is Xbox One?

The Xbox One is a home video game console. It is one of the numerous wonders created by Microsoft. The Xbox One is the successor of Xbox 360 and the third member of the Xbox family. It is simpler, better, and more efficient than all of its predecessors. It received praise for its portability and compact size, its improved quality of on-screen visuals.

Internal storage options available

It, by default, has an internal hard drive which can store up to 500 gigabytes. This space is mostly available for storing games and apps, but some of this space is reserved for saved games, software, and other functions. But now there is also 1TB Xbox One model available. 

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External storage options available

To make it more user-friendly and helpful, you can always add an external hard drive to support more storage. A lot of users prefer this because, obviously, more storage equals more games and applications.

There is, however, a limit to the number of external hard drives you can connect to the Xbox One. It is believed that you can connect maximum two additional external hard drives which can have a maximum storage capacity of 16 terabytes. This means that the storage in both of the external hard drives when summed up should not exceed the limit of 16 terabytes.

Another confusion can be regarding the connection of the two drives. You can connect both of your external hard drives to a USB hub and then connect that to your USB 3.0 port. Two drives are the maximum number that can be plugged in at one time. However, you can change and switch drives and plug in new ones whenever you feel like it.

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What qualifies as an external hard drive for the Xbox One?

Not every hard drive can qualify and be used as the external hard drive for Xbox One. The hard drive that you wish to use in order to increase storage capacity and save more apps and games needs to meet certain requirements. The first requirement is that it needs to be able to hold 256 gigabytes at least or more than that. The second requirement is that your drive should connect via USB 3.0.

It is highly recommended that before connecting your drive to the Xbox One, you remove all of your important data from it. This is suggested because as soon as you set up your external hard drive, the Xbox One will automatically format it and remove all of your data from it.

16 TB is, obviously, a lot of capacity and can save up to 50 or a lot more games easily. The internal hard drive storage capacity and the two additional external hard drives are surely a dream come true for any Xbox lover out there!



  1. Can the Xboc One X format a hard drive that is 20tb? Before format process, it already says the available tb is 18.1 but fomatting feels like it takes forever

  2. I was able to connect 3 external hdd to my xbox one s. 2x 2tb and 1x 1tb for a total of 4.8 tb. This did not included the internal 500gb hdd.

  3. Actually I already have a 8 tb , 6 tb , and a 4 tb. I am gonna call Microsoft tomorrow about adding a hub with 4 bays . That would open up a few USB ports.

  4. @Obed Francois how Long did it take for formatting the 20TB WD Duo?

    I have mine since yesterday and have some Kind of Trouble with it when it Comes to Format for games and apps.

    For media it is no Problem at all, ist like 5 seconds and boom it works.

    But with games, there happens Nothing. Now i tried to Format it different on my pc and back again on xbox then, now it Looks a bit better, at least the HDD keeps working (the light flashes)

    Maybe someone can help me out or give me a good advice. Would appreciate it.


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