The HDDmag Scholarship Program is reviewing and testing latest tech products in various categories with the primary focus on data storage devices.

Our main goal is to provide our readers with valuable reviews and piece of advice to help them find the storage device for their needs.

Aspiring to spread the word, we are opening our annual HDDmag scholarship program to young creative minds, who share the same passion with us.

Our scholarship program is open to all students because you don’t have to be an expert with years of experience in storage field to create value to our readers. Everyone willing to apply can do some research, learn something new, write a good essay and win the scholarship award. Easy right?


If you think you got what it takes to apply to the program, we encourage you to give it a try. Besides, it’s not so hard after all!


How can you qualify for our scholarship program?

We welcome students from all colleges and universities. Though remember, if you are below 18 years old, or if you are still in high school, you need to get the consent of your parents or legal guardians to join our program.

We want you to write at least 1500 – 2000 words long story about storage devices, how data is stored, backup solution, or even how-to article if it’s easier for you. But we highly recommend to contact us with your idea before, so we can help you on deciding a great topic.

Example of our work:


Remember that story must be valuable to other people and help them, that’s our main goal. It’s great to include general advice, tips/tricks, and other’s people experience.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Reminder: Do a good research on your topic to be sure that all information in your essay is correct.[/alert]


Other important criteria for assessing your application:
[icons icon=”star” color=”#13c910″]Originality

[icons icon=”star” color=”#13c910″]Feasibility

[icons icon=”star” color=”#13c910″]Creativity


When you are ready to submit:

Once you have completed your story, send it to on or before June 1, 2017.

Our team will pick the winner by June 14, 2017. If you are the lucky one, a check of $1.500 will be sent directly to your university or college by June 28, 2017. A lovely gift for a summer!


When submitting your story remember to include these details:
[icons icon=”check” color=”#1e73be”]Your complete name
[icons icon=”check” color=”#1e73be”]Your full address
[icons icon=”check” color=”#1e73be”]Phone number
[icons icon=”check” color=”#1e73be”]Name of your university/ college
[icons icon=”check” color=”#1e73be”]Any proof that you are a student


So, You think that’s all you get? Of course not!

The same as each year, all our scholarship winners will have a chance to be one of our paid contributors for HDDmag. Yes, that’s right, scholarship winners can write quality articles and earn money.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]Reminder: The deadline is on June 1, 2017.[/alert]


Terms and Conditions:
[icons icon=”check” color=”#357ebf”]HDDmag will reserve exclusive rights to publish and edit any of the submitted essays.

[icons icon=”check” color=”#357ebf”]We will not charge or ask for any fees from any student who applies to our program.

[icons icon=”check” color=”#357ebf”]The submitted stories must be 100% accomplished by the applicants.

[icons icon=”alert” color=”#dd3333″]Students can’t copy/ paste anything, and the content must be original work (we will check that, all unoriginal works will be declined).

[icons icon=”alert” color=”#dd3333″]NonEnglish or incomplete submissions will be rejected automatically.


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We run our Scholarship program every year.