Can’t Imagine Life Without It

Have you ever sat in front of a technical device and wondered, “How do I work this thing?” Some of the younger generations are seemingly gifted. Even 3-year-old children can work Grandma’s phone better than she can.

technology background

There are great benefits to understanding technology. We have listed 101 reasons why a strong technology background makes life easier.

1. Run a Computer

Computers are a huge part of our world by which many daily tasks can be accomplished. Understanding how to use one is almost an essential life skill.

2. Run Your Smartphone

a woman using smart phone has a technology background

If you understand technology, you can utilize your smartphone. It’s especially convenient for people who are on the move. Your smartphone is much more than a communicative device and provides many other services:

  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Map
  • Mini laptop
  • Health tracker

3. Fix Your Own Computer

Computers are like any other electronic device; they can break down. Having the knowledge to fix yours can save you money. Also, you can make a living fixing other people’s computers.

4. Fix Cars

Mechanics used to fix cars with merely mechanical skills. Today, you need to understand computers to fix modern vehicles.

5. Fly a Plane

a pilot flying a plane is an example of a person with technology background

Thanks to the technical skills of aeronautical engineers, you can fly to any continent in the world. Also, pilots need to have a strong understanding of technology to fly the technically extraordinary jet aircraft.

6. Numerous Career Paths To Choose From

Having strong technology skills gives you multiple options to choose from when it comes to selecting a career. Careers in this field range from database development, computer network architect, and computer programmer to computer systems analyst, information security analyst, and web developer.

7. Qualified for Many Jobs

Many jobs require technical proficiency. If you are technically qualified, you will be more likely to get hired.

8. Can Find Work Just About Anywhere

Most companies require computer-savvy specialists. You can keep systems running smoothly with every industry, including retail, entertainment, financial services, government, and healthcare.

9. You Could Be the Next Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an example of a person with strong technology background

Having expertise in technology helped this billionaire to get where he is today. Who knows where your technological education will lead you.

10. Independence 

If you are not technologically savvy, you will be dependent on other people to help you accomplish technical tasks. Being independent will save you money and time.

11. Facebook

connecting people via Facebook is an example of a person with technology background

You can connect with family and friends who you wouldn’t see or correspond with otherwise.

12. Send Paperless Invitations

The tradition of sending invitations to everyone you know is a thing of the past. Having techy know-how in this department can give you a jump on the RSVP. Create invitations and send them to family and friends through email or Facebook.

13. Create Facebook Events

Use your technical prowess to create an event through Facebook to let everyone know about the fundraiser or New Year’s Eve party. It gets the word out for any event you can think of.

14. Twitter

using Twitter application is an example of a person with technology background

Knowing how to use Twitter can be to your advantage for marketing purposes or expressing your opinion.

18. Pinterest

You can post on Pinterest knowing a thing or two in the technical field. If you are trying to get more traffic to your website, this can especially be a great thing.

19. Email

Some people don’t know how to open an account, open multiple accounts, or create a vacation message on email. Since many people rely on email for personal and business use, it would be to your advantage to understand all that the program has to offer.

20. Search Engine Optimizing

SEO know-how takes a strong technology background

Knowing how to improve your rank with your website takes some technical understanding. There are a few secrets that can become common knowledge when you have the right information.

21. YouTube

People have made instant careers from YouTube. Having technical expertise can make the difference between posting a video that’s mediocre versus one that goes viral.

22. Medical Help

Thanks to technical intelligence you can seek basic answers to medical questions through the internet. Specialists post guidelines on certain sites that help people determine whether they should see a doctor or try to treat their symptoms with home remedies.

23. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a program that allows doctors to use telecommunications technology to treat, diagnose, and evaluate their patients.

24. Education

Thanks to technology, you can learn almost any topic you want to study simply by searching for it on the internet. It’s almost like having continuing education at home for free.

25. Text Books

Due to the technical ingenuity of educational instructors, students can access their textbooks online. Not only does it save money, but it also promotes environmentally friendly practices.

26. Pay Bills Online

paying bills online is an example of a technology background

Paying bills is easier than ever before. Just set up an account with each utility company.

27. Banking Online

Banking is convenient with online technology. Connect with your financial institution so you can set up online banking services.

28. Sales Online

Setting up an online store can be tricky. That’s why you want to have the right tech skills to create your online business.

29. Webinars

webinars can be set with a person having technology background

Many entrepreneurs are finding great success in hosting webinars. Once you get them up and running, you can hold as many as you create.

30. Improvement Channels

Use your technical skills to create a YouTube channel. You can teach your global audience how to remodel their home, cook a meal, or sing at concerts.

31. Create Music

Composing music has advanced greatly with technology. There are numerous programs available to assist you in this endeavor.

32. Share Your Music

audio music can be distributed online through having technology background

Audio distribution platforms can find success with millions of unique visitors. Learn how to get into the ring and get your music in front of an audience.

33. Create movies

Movie making has advanced like never before. The more you understand about how to work programs and equipment, the more you can integrate special effects and create a real blockbuster.

34. Watch Online Movies

waching movies via Netflix is an example of a person with technology background

Due to network technology, you can watch movies on internet-connected devices. Movie streamers can benefit greatly when they get in on this streaming service.

35. Sports

Watching broadcasted games through sites like ESPN or theScore is another benefit that sports enthusiasts can enjoy.

36. Write a Book

writing ebooks using online app is an example of a person with technology background

Authors can use sites such as CreateSpace and exercise their technical skills to publish their works online. With print-on-demand, their novels can sell on Amazon without thousands of books cluttering up the garage.

37. Retail

With technology, shopping sites like Amazon can sell to millions of customers. Shoppers enjoy the convenience of purchasing books, clothing, and household items from the convenience of their own home.

38. News

watching online news is an example of a person with technology background

You can learn what’s going on in the world through online news.

39. Get Out of Bondage

This one is a little extreme, but some people who have been captive have used their techy skills to free themselves from bondage. Posting videos on YouTube or Facebook has brought the attention of the world to their dilemma, allowing them to get the help they needed.

40. Skype

With basic tech skills, you can talk face-to-face with people across the country. You can use Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, or other programs.

41. Access Grades

Schools are taking advantage of the convenience of online technology. Teachers can post missing assignments and the progress of each student, while students and parents can view the information with ease.

42. Blogging

If you understand the technical aspects of setting up a blog, you can reap great rewards. Blogging is very popular and easy to do if you know your stuff.

43. iPad Tablet

Tablets are like mini laptops and are nice because they are compact.

44. Games

With strong technical skills, you can get in on one of the biggest money-making industries. You can create games that entertain both kids or adults and sell them to video game companies.

45. Read Books and Magazines

reading e-book using tech gadget is an example of a person with strong technology background

Books and magazines can take advantage of online technology. Companies have a larger market than ever before.

46. Monitor Home Energy and Water

Technology can save you money when you monitor the amount of energy and water you use. Your skills can help you track your usage and stay within the boundaries you set.

47. Earn Money Online

Your technical skills can pay off in simple ways. You can earn money through online surveys, online market trading, or sites that pay for searching the web.

48. Game Programmer

There are now actual degrees for developing video games, and the market is thriving.

49. Monitor Your Water Intake

You can use technology to monitor how much water you take in each day.

50. Calorie Tracker

Track your calories with technology utilizing apps that promote a healthy diet. MyFitnessPal is very popular.

51. Fitness and Workouts

using fitness and workout online apps is an example of a person having technology background

Your technology skills can put you at the top to encourage exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Some popular apps are Runtastic and RunKeeper.

52. Keep to Your Budget

Here’s where using your tech knowledge can pay off. Utilize apps such as Mint, YNAB, or CountAbout.

53. Calendar

using online calendar is an example of a persons with technology background

Having a calendar on your smartphone is convenient and saves paper. You will have your schedule handy and can plan on the go.

54. Plan Vacations

Make the most of technology and plan your vacation searching for the best place to take your next vacation.

55. Save on Flights

There are numerous online sites that offer great deals on airfare.

56. Save on Hotels

The competition makes it easy for you to find some sweet deals online for your next trip.

57. Navigate in Other Countries

With your technical skills, you can find places with ease with the help of your smartphone.

58. Yellow Pages

No more hauling around the big yellow directory. You can find restaurants, hotels, stores, and event centers on your smartphone.

59. Save With Coupons

Thanks to smartphone technology, you can find online coupons for nearly any store, movie theater, or restaurant. Groupon and Fandango also have great deals.

60. Virus Protection

Having a vast knowledge of technology can help you protect your computer data from viruses. Study out the options and select which one has the best plan.

61. Scan

No more faxing is necessary with the convenience of scanning.

using online scanner is an example of a person with technology background

62. Self-Improvement

Technology enables you to improve in endless ways.

63. Stock Market

investing in stock market via online is an example of a person with technology background

Practice investing in the stock market simulator. Once you are confident, you can play for real.

64. Catch a Ride

You can use companies such as Uber or Lyft to get you where you need to go.

65. Google Maps

using google maps is an example of a person with technology background

Locate any place in the world with Google Maps.

66. GPS

No need to worry about getting lost again with GPS.

67. Translate

You can translate more than 100 languages with the Google Translate app.

68. Go Paperless

Reduce consumption with your smartphone technology. Take notes, write essays, and schedule on your calendar without paper.

69. Connection With the World

With advanced technology, you can connect with anyone around the world.

70. Text

Texting saves time and allows you to communicate faster than you could with email, voicemail, or calling.

71. Digital Photos

using digital camera to take photos is an example of a person with technology background

Taking pictures is much more convenient with digital technology.

72. Share Photos

Sharing photos with your family and friends is easy online. You can post pictures on Facebook or send an attachment in email.

73. Edit Photos

Digital technology makes photo editing a breeze once you have learned how to use the tools with photo editing programs like Canva or Fotor.

74. Move Pictures From Your Camera

You can free up space on your smartphone by transferring digital pictures to your photo storage.

75. Advertise

Advertising with the use of technology is much easier online. You can get in front of a larger audience in a shorter amount of time.

76. Marketing

Marketing your business has more options today than in the past. The more tech savvy you are, the greater advantage you will have.

77. Create a Website

Having strong technical skills will definitely make things easier when creating a website.

78. Start a Business Online

More people are working from home, utilizing their technical skills to start businesses online.

79. Sign Documents

Buying a house and signing documents online with apps like DocuSign saves driving back and forth to process the paperwork.

80. Dropbox

You can keep all your files and pictures securely in one central location with Dropbox.

81. Google Drive

Google Drive is another storage location where you can keep file backups, photos, and videos.

82. Protect Your Home

Using a security camera app, you can watch your home while you are away.

83. Check the Weather

It’s nice to know the weather ahead of time when going on a trip or participating in an outdoor activity.

84. Lost on a Hike

using smartphone to call for help when lost is an example of a person with technology background

Use your smartphone to call for help whenever you are lost.

85. Replace Your Car Keys

Smartphone apps are available to replace car keys, so you don’t have to carry around a bulky key fob.

86. Find Your Car in a Parking Lot

Technology helps you avoid the frustration of forgetting where you parked, especially in a large parking lot.

87. Information

googling information is an example of a person with technology background

You can search the internet to get information on just about anything.

88. Save Data

Being technically savvy can help you save and find computer data with ease.

89. Make Scrapbooking Easier

Scrap the boxes of papers, stickers, and glue sticks. You can use your technical skills to create online scrapbooks that take a fraction of the time.

90. Amazon Prime

With Amazon Prime, you can get your online purchase within two days.

91. PayPal

Payments are extremely simple online with the use of PayPal.

92. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to improve your health. You can download a yoga app, such as Pocket Yoga or Yoga Studio.

93. Meditation

It’s good to take time to focus on your inner strengths. You can use apps, such as Headspace, Calm, and Breethe.

94. Locate Events and Activities

Use your smartphone to find fun activities to participate in.

95. Math Genius Not Necessary

Some people are not as strong in math as they are in other subjects. Getting a degree in technology doesn’t require mathematical brilliance. This may help to alleviate the worry about getting through a technical course.

96. Innovative

Being creative adds a bonus to the convenience that technology brings. Having both skills can be an advantage for you.

97. Square

The technology of the Square app makes it possible for purchases to be made with your smartphone.

98. You Will Thrive

When you have invested the time in your education to have strong technical skills, you will be more likely to thrive in the industry.

99. Flexible Work Options

You can decide to work with a technological team or find a job where you can work on your own.

100. Earn Good Money

having technology background can be a way to earn cash

With a technical path, you can plan on making a good income.

101. Enjoyable Career

Having a strong technology background can make life easier and also offer you an enjoyable career.

Final Thoughts On Why It Is Essential To Have A Strong Technology Background

Being technically savvy allows you to utilize, create, and enjoy the technological conveniences that are available. With a strong technology background, you can be empowered to direct your path any way you desire and intercept with the most potentially successful opportunities.


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