Why do it yourself?

If you are an avid gamer, you know how worn out your PS4 thumbsticks become after you have spent hours in front of your PlayStation. When that one-year warranty mark has been crossed, you can no longer have them fixed and you are left with two choices: either buy a new controller or fix the PS4 thumbsticks yourselves.

The choice is simple for those who cannot afford to spend about $39.99 on a new controller. The thumbsticks only cost a humble $1.99, so more people are opting for this option nowadays.

What you will need:

In order to change the thumbsticks, you will need the following three things:

  • New thumbsticks
  • Phillips-head screwdriver which is used to remove the screws on the back of the controller
  • Flat-head screwdriver used to open and take apart the controller

Disassemble the PS4 controller


The step-by-step process

The actual process is quite easy to follow and consists of these steps:

  1. Once you flip the controller on its back, you will notice a total of four small screws. Using the Phillips-head screwdriver, remove all of them.
  2. Now, split the controller apart at the seam (which is a line at which the two pieces of the controller have been joined). This seam goes around the whole controller, and you have to find a good spot to take it apart. It’s better to wedge the screwdriver at the seam and use circular motions rather than pushing too hard.
  3. Disconnect a white, flat, paper-thin cable that further connects the upper and lower half of the controller. Now, the two halves of the controller can be completely separated.
  4. Next, you need to remove a rather small, cylindrical rubber reset button from the upper-right corner of the battery housing.
  5. Once the controller is completely apart, take the battery out by unplugging a small white connector. The battery will pop out easily; set it aside.
  6. Looking at the upper half of the controller closely, you can see a small black plastic plate (on which the battery used to rest) attached to the controller with a screw; this screw needs to be removed. After that, the plate needs to be pried off the circuit board with the help of a screwdriver as it is still attached to the circuit board with the help of two clips.
  7. Now, the circuit board below is completely exposed and a blue cable, which connects the touchpad to the circuit, needs to be disconnected. While doing so, one should make sure not to do this step too quickly or with a lot of force. Below that circuit board are the buttons, many of which are freely resting, so you do not want to drop the controller in this process or knock off any buttons.
  8. The thumbsticks also come out along with the circuit board. Once free, you need to focus on the thumbsticks and put the rest of the controller aside (very carefully without turning it upside down as it will dislodge all the buttons).
  9. The thumbsticks can now be removed by holding the circuit board firmly and pulling them off. They slide easily off the shaft they are on.
  10. Now, all you need to do is just put those new thumbsticks on the shaft. Adjust them according to the shape of the shaft to ensure that the thumbsticks are locked in perfectly.
  11. Next, comes the time to reassemble it all back together by retracing your steps one by one. Start with the main circuit board, and make sure you get the cable right back into its place.
  12. The tiny pointed end of the reset button needs to go back in place (into the battery housing).
  13. Screwing the black plastic plate back onto the circuit board is an easy feat to accomplish. All the screws removed are of the same size, and any one of them can fit here perfectly.
  14. The battery is then set on the plastic plate, and its white plug is reinserted.
  15. Get the lower half of the controller back on, and press firmly just about everywhere until the seams line up completely.
  16. When the four small screws are screwed back in place, the controller will be as good as new.



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