Mountain View, California – Google has just announced that we’ve seen the last of first click free policy. For those who are unaware of what this policy is, first click free is what the private publishers follow to entice consumers to visit their page. They give out a partial “free sample” of their page (the one that the client needs), and cuts the rest off by introducing a paywall.

Google listened to the request of the publishers to let them control how much of their content is to be exposed to non-subscribers, and it lead to the end of Google’s first click free policy. This is, however, a new marketing strategy, since advertisements have not been able to support publishing companies that well.

This new program is called Flexible sampling. With flexible sampling as replacement, the company is able to control how much content researchers are able to read before the appearance of a paywall or a subscription prompt.

Google’s Flexible Sampling Puts End to the Last of First Click Free

As stated in an interview, Richard Gringas, Google’s Vice President for news, stated that Google has been cooperating with publishing companies such as The New York Times and Financial Times to test out this new program and put an end to the last of first click free.

Google has given out two ideas on the limit of flexible sampling. The first one is metering. Metering is the giving of a set of free quota of articles, after which, paywalls and subscription prompts will then appear. Second is the lead-in which only shows partial parts of the article.

Furthermore, Google’s wish to help companies find possible subscribers will lead to profile sharing. By sharing the contents of the individual’s profile, Google will know whether or not the candidate will be a regular subscriber or not. This news thrills both the users and the companies. With this, users will be able to see more of the company before they decide to subscribe. Also, the company will then be able to find their right customers.

With this, it is safe to say that we have seen last of first click free program.


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