Warcraft and other MMO games have several moves for each class you play. Blizzard gives you the option to macro and assign moves to a key or mouse button. More mouse buttons means better play and faster moves when someone tries to gank you.

You bind a Warcraft macro to your keyboard or mouse for better raiding as well. All gaming mice are not created equal, so here are some of the best gaming mouse brands for better game play for Warcraft, LOTRO, Warhammer and Starcraft. With Warcraft Cataclysm coming out December 7th, a mouse upgrade is a cheap computer accessory that enhances the gaming experience.

Any Logitech Mouse Such as the MX 518 or G500

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For MMOs, you can’t go wrong with anything made by Logitech. The MX 518 is especially popular among gamers for Warcraft or other MMOs. The G500 has less buttons, but it costs more. Logitech advertises the G500 for game play in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The MX 518 has several sensitivity levels, a high resolution laser for quick response and extra gaming software you install on your computer. The software helps you configure the mouse for better gaming.

Steelseries – Especially Made for Warcraft Game PlayWow mouse

The Steelseries mouse even uses the Warcraft color scheme and images for its product home page. The Steelseries mouse has a different handle and design than Logitech counterparts. Logitech focuses most controls on the thumb and contours the mouse for your gaming thumb. Steelseries has more central control for the middle finger and wheel.

The best gaming mouse between these two manufacturers is dependent on the type of contouring you prefer. Steelseries have 15 buttons, easy in-game configuration and advanced illumination for better response.

The Razer Gaming Mouse

The Razer MMO gaming mouse has one of the slickest designs. For people into looks for computer case to accessories, the Razer (not spelled “Razor”) has a modern contour shape and color. The Razer Death Adder and Imerator are two of the newest gaming mice for MMO play. The Mamba is also available. These mice are more expensive than the others, but it is the coolest mouse design available. Razer also sells advanced gaming mouse pad accessories.

Microsoft Gaming MouseMiscrosoft gaming mouse

Microsoft produces a gaming mouse called the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder design is similar to the Steelseries mouse. The Sidewinder comes with a container, so it is also beneficial if you travel with a laptop that has your games installed. The Sidewinder does not have the options that the other mice offer. The Sidewinder X3 and X8 are great for Microsoft games.

These mice are some of the best gaming mice available. A mouse accessory is a great addition to Warcraft Cataclysm this Christmas, and it is cheaper than purchasing other computer components for a hardcore gamer.


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