Whether you're merely dreaming of a white Christmas or the weather outside is truly frightful, settling into a comfy couch with a cup of something warm and watching a Christmas movie is one of the joys of the holidays. Fortunately for you, we have a list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. With choices that range from classic family flicks to off-beat originals, there's something here for everyone.

How We Choose Our Ratings on Christmas Movies on Netflix

To make this list, films have to be highly rated by both critics and audiences. We read reviews and comments that shed insight into what makes a movie special and to glean information about why it appeals to a particular demographic. We check for content, too, so we can give you a heads up if something is inappropriate for children. And of course, we've put in a plug for a few of our personal favorites in an effort to share the joy.

The Categories For Christmas Movies on Netflix

We've divided the movies into the following categories to help you find just what you're looking for:

  • Classic Christmas Movies on Netflix
  • Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix
  • Family Christmas Movies on Netflix
  • Christmas Comedies/Movies on Netflix
  • Quirky Christmas Movies on Netflix

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The Best 15 Christmas Movies on Netflix 

For 2018

Some of these films are available on instant play, while others will need to join your DVD queue, so you may need to plan ahead. Grab a bowl of popcorn, pick a movie, and dive right in. An hour or two of delightful entertainment awaits you.

Classic Christmas Movies on Netflix

It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

it's a wonderful life

This is the ultimate Christmas feel-good movie with legendary performances by Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, and Lionel Barrymore. Stewart plays George Bailey who gets to see what his hometown would have been like had he never been born. Learn how an angel gets his wings and the answer to the important question: can one average, ordinary life make a difference? (Spoiler alert: Yes!)

Holiday Inn (1942)

holiday inn poster

When you combine the music of Irving Berlin with the dancing of Fred Astaire you get pure holiday magic. Enjoy the shenanigans that ensue as Bing Crosby and Astaire vie for the affections of the same girl in one toe-tapping number after another. All the plotting and planning is comic gold, and the ending is as heartwarming as anything you will ever see. This is the movie that launched the famous song, "White Christmas."

Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

girl with santa claus

A beloved Christmas movie for over six decades, this movie will tug at your heartstrings thanks in part to stellar performances by Maureen O'Hara and a very young Natalie Wood. Edmund Gwenn won the Oscar for his portrayal of Kris Kringle, a Macy's department store Santa who may or may not be the real thing. He sends customers shopping elsewhere and plays matchmaker for O'Hara and her long-suffering admirer, all while fending off a lunacy trial. Merry Christmas, indeed!

White Christmas (1954)

white Christmas movie poster

It can't be a surprise that this movie makes the list. With a talented, brilliant cast led by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen, and Rosemary Clooney, this funny, the sweet, and sentimental classic have it all. Two army buddies become a hit nightclub duo and meet two sisters with whom they head to an inn in Vermont. Thwarted love, of course, reigns supreme. The singing is beautiful and the dancing a joy to behold. What's not to love?

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)

actor and actress from Christmas in Connecticut movie

Barbara Stanwyck leads a stellar cast in this classic film farce. Stanwyck plays a magazine's housekeeping expert who must prepare an elegant Christmas dinner in her Connecticut home for a lucky contest winner. Too bad she can't cook and doesn't own a home in Connecticut. Prepare for the hilarity as she muddles her way through a long con.

Romantic Christmas Movies on Netflix

Love Actually (2003)

love actually movie poster

A romantic film for the adults, this star-packed film is a perennial favorite. Multiple love stories weave in, out, and around each other as each person looks for real love and meaning in life. Some of the stories are sweet, while others are more bittersweet. A great film for watching on a snowy, homebound night while sipping a glass of wine.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

while you were sleeping movie poster

Sandra Bullock is at her finest in this light and tender rom-com. She plays Lucy, an employee of the Chicago Transit Authority, who saves a passenger on Christmas Day. While he's in a coma, she is mistaken for his fiancée. Meanwhile, his brother, played by Bill Pullman, falls in love with her. The confusing love triangle provides two hours of delightful entertainment.

The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

actor and actress from the spirit of christmas movie

There must be something intrinsically festive about New England, as yet another popular Christmas film is located there. This is a sweet, endearing romantic flick with a twist. Jen Lilley plays the attorney Kate, charged with selling a haunted inn in Vermont. The resident ghost doesn’t approve and Kate will have to break the curse that binds him. Fans of the classic "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" will enjoy this movie.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

male and female protagonists of a christmas prince movie

Another good family film starring Rose McIver and Ben Lamb, this movie tells the story of journalist Amber Moore who is sent abroad to cover the ascension to the throne of the Crown Prince Richard. When Richard is a no-show at his own press conference, Amber goes undercover to learn more about him. Amber learns an important secret and struggles with her acting upon her feelings or doing her duty as a reporter.

Family Christmas Movies on Netflix

Elf (2003)

Elf movie poster

Will Ferrell is hysterical as the titular elf, Buddy, in this fantastic tale about the search for family. Entertaining for children and adults alike, this movie deserves to be in your permanent holiday rotation.

The Polar Express (2004)

the polar express movie poster

Based on the much-loved children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, this live-action motion capture animated feature film is as magical as it gets. Tom Hanks voices the conductor and imbues the script with such warmth and humanity that you will wish you could ride the Polar Express, too.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie poster

In this live-action version of the beloved tale by Dr. Seuss, Jim Carrey plays the Grinch with his typical comedic exuberance. With a run-time of 104 minutes, it substantially expands upon the classic cartoon version. Full of visually stunning effects and cinematography, this film is a good choice for the whole family.

Santa Buddies (2009)

6 puppies from santa buddies movie

For the youngest viewers, the young at heart, or lovers of furry friends, this film stars five golden retriever puppies who have a mission to save Christmas. It's the fourth movie in the "Air Buddies" spinoff in the "Air Bud" franchise. The cuteness factor alone is worth your time.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur Christmas

This critically acclaimed 3D computer animated film should be on everyone's watch list. It tells the tale of Santa's clumsy son Arthur who is on a mission to save one girl's Christmas. Voiced by James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, and Billy Nighy, among others, the acting talent is first-rate and the story a true heart-warmer.

Christmas Comedies on Netflix

A Christmas Story (1983)

boy with glasses sitting on Santa's lap from A Christmas Story movie

A leg lamp. A Red-Ryder air rifle. Christmas dinner in a Chinese restaurant. These images have become iconic, and deservedly so. If you haven't seen this achingly funny and nostalgic tale of Ralphie's quest for the perfect Christmas present, you need to rectify that now. And if you have seen it, watch it again.

Binge Christmas Movies This Season

Ready your hot chocolate drink and blankets! Spend the Christmas holidays by binge-watching the best Christmas movies on Netflix. Choose from our list or better yet, watch all of them! Don't forget to invite your family and friends if you're up for it. 'Tis the season to watch Christmas movies!


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