Buying a gift for photographers can be quite tricky and expensive just because there are so many accessories and devices that are expensive and can bring a headache when choosing them.

And stumbling on such a problem ourselves we figured out that with the guidance of our photographer friends we will make a list of the best possible gifts for a photographer.

So, on this list, there will be some cheaper gifts and some expensive ones to suit most of your ideas and the photographer’s wishes.

Memory card case

memory cards

Memory cards are photographer’s best friends and biggest enemy because while they do their job correctly, they are small and tend to get lost or misplaced and losing a lot of pictures can be a nightmare for a photographer.

So, to fix this relationship we suggest getting them a memory card case as they have space for more than one memory card and with a rugged case with waterproof capabilities will keep the memory cards in one place and safe.

The Nice ClipNiceClip

Another headache for photographers can be their lens caps, while on the camera they do their job protecting the lens, but while taking off they have a tendency of being lost or misplaced, just like memory cards.

So, the best option for securing the lens cap while not being in the way for photographers is the NiceClip. This clip fits every lens cap making a possibility for the photographer to fix the cap on the strap and the clip itself is compact and simple thus making sure it will not be in the way and will not be in the way while taking a photo.

Bokeh KitBokeh

Bokeh is a term that refers to the way the camera renders the out-of-focus parts of the scene and often is used to describe out-of-focus lights. While there is a simple trick to get those pictures they usually require punched out cards which can be hard to make and to fix the lens, and this Bokeh kit will fix the trouble.

This kit is made from plastic and is super easy to fix on the lens and so with this kit you can bring your photographer a new cool way to take awesome pictures without the trouble it could make while trying to make one of those specially made cards.

Gorilla TorchGorilla Torch

Some of you may have seen the gorilla pod, that cool tripod that can be attached to almost everything and provide cool angles for the mounted camera. And this gorilla torch is the same but has fixed floodlight on it providing the possibilities of new angles of light for the photographers.

Plus, with three adjustable lighting levels, six light modes, and three red LEDs this accessory will fit a wide range of photographer’s needs.

The LensPenThe LensPen

According to our photographers, the worst time for any photographer is, when they must take their camera cleaned and that can bring even more discomfort when a courier service is involved, just because we all have seen how they handle the packages.

So, to make the photographer’s life less stressful we suggest getting them The LensPen allowing them to clean the camera for themselves. This kit comes with a loupe, so they can see a lot better, plus with lenspen and blower they will remove any spec from the lens.

Wi-Fi SDWi-Fi SD

Although this memory card looks just like any other one It has one secret, it has the capabilities of wireless connection to any phone, tablet or laptop. Making his gift will be perfect for those photographers that have older cameras with no Wi-Fi capabilities or for those that are not ready to upgrade their cameras to newer products with wireless capabilities.

This gift is providing the photographer the capability to send their photo to a device for a closer checkup or even to just share with others quickly. Although it has the capabilities of wireless connection it still is a memory card, so with this gift, you are giving them two in one.

Polaroid printerPolaroid printer

We all remember those Polaroid cameras which printed out a photo when it was taken and how cool they were. And there are a lot of photographers that would love to do the same things but are not interested in buying a Polaroid camera we offer a solution for this.

This printer which is made by Polaroid is capable to print out 2×3 pictures in under a minute from any digital camera and iOS or Android. And this printer does not require any ink, as the picture cartridges have all it needs to print out a picture.

WD 1 TB Elements External hard driveWD 1 TB Elements External hard drive

Another problem that almost every photographer will eventually have, is the storage limits, as they find out that they have almost no space left on their computer.

And a great fix for this problem is the WD 1 TB Elements hard drive, as it has a lot of space for their photos and with a reasonable price it is a great gift and is compatible both with Windows and iOS. For a more in-depth review of Elements, you might want to check out this article.

But almost every hard drive is a good gift for a photographer whose library is outgrowing their computer, so for more possibilities, you can check out this article.

Double Camera Strapdoublestrap

This gift suite those photographers who have two cameras on the most of the times, and having one in the bag or different strap can sometimes be the reason to miss a great shot and the most obvious solution is the double strap.

These straps allow the photographer to attach two cameras to them and with fast and easy access to both cameras at the same time these straps are fantastic. While BlackRapid ones seem to be quite expensive, they provide the best security for the cameras and has excellent build quality.

There are cheaper ones too, but we suggest getting a better one than cheaper one so that there isn’t an accident where the strap breaks or gets loose and drops the camera.

Stanley Fanstanley fan

The strangest item on this list because you will probably never see a fan as a possible gift for a photographer, but it is. And that is because these fans are a great tool for those who like to take pictures indoors and a lot of things can be “upgraded” by a little wind.

But these fans will prove their worth in the photographer’s equipment list with women, as most women look the best with a little wind in their hair. For the price, this Stanley fan is the, most powerful and has a great value compared to others.

Wacom Intuos PhotoWacom Intuos Photo

A lot of time for photographers are spent to enhance or fix pictures, and using standard Mac or Windows controls takes their time with less precision.

So, to make their life easier and work with the photo software a great gift is Wacom Intuos Photo because it is easy to use (plug USB, install some drivers and you are ready to go) and it is reasonably priced.

This gift will surely make your photographer life easier and their work better.

Wacom Intuos ProWacom Intuos Pro

Although the previous entry is reasonably priced and can help your photographer it has its limitations and doesn`t have a lot of usages except photo editing.

But, if your photographer also likes graphics, drawing and something similar a great gift would be Wacom Intuos Pro as it can be used for almost everything that would require a pen or precise touch.

Plus, with a lot of possible accessories which are sold separately, Intuos Pro is a real workhorse that is on a lot of photographers wishlist and will always have a purpose.

Canon 270EX II SpeedliteCanon Speedlight Flash

Although it may seem quite expensive it is reasonably priced as this new, lightweight Canon 270EX II Speedlight is a compact, high-performance flashlight for fun and easy flash shooting.

For its maximal performance, it is best suited with the Canon EOS DSLR cameras, which can use the Speedlight as a versatile wireless flash. But don`t worry the Speedlight is compatible with every other digital camera models which are equipped with a dedicated flash shoe mount.

Before purchasing this gift, you should check if your photographer camera has a dedicated flash shoe mount.

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control

Great gift for a photographer which would love to take selfies or take a shot at time-lapse photos is a wireless remote control, as it opens a new way on how they can make pictures. This little thing can change the perspective of any photographer and help to create most amazing photos.

This Canon RC-6 allows wireless camera operations and shutter release with Canon T1i, T2i, 5D, 7D and Mark II cameras.

This little gift will require a small research from your side, just to be sure that their camera is compatible with a wireless remote control.


Another cool gift that has a lot of purpose for a photographer is a sturdy equipment which can be used to carry his cameras, lenses and other accessories while he is moving from place to place.

Photographers are always looking for a better way, and one of the best options would be a backpack due to its possibilities and convenience.

And for this, we chose Canon Deluxe Backpack 200 EG, which has a place for two cameras, four lenses, flash and some accessories. Made from strong nylon the backpack will hold for a long time, and if you are going to gift them some other accessories, it can be used as a unique gift bag.

DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

First thing when you think, of a drone, is a quite big clunky flying robot which are not so easy to operate for a beginner and even harder when it comes to transportation or taking it with you to some remote place.

Mavic Pro is opposite of all that; it is this small quadrotor drone which is easy to operate, and even easier to take with you, as it can slip into any backpack. Even with the smaller size it can compete with more expensive and larger drones, both in its range and video quality (it can film at 4K resolution)

Most photographers at first will not admit that they want one, but deep down they know they want one, and if it is as small and easy to use as Mavic Pro, it will fit into any photographers wishlist. Not maybe because it is fun, but by the way, it can widen the horizon for them.

Action cameraAction camera

This gift would be the best for those photographers that go on a lot of adventures and are not willing to put their beloved tech at risk for a cool video or a photo.

This is where Olympus Tough TG comes in, as this camera is made for those dangerous adventures and will survive a lot of punishment. Tough TG was built to withstand a lot of punishment because it can survive underwater, cold and even being dropped.

Although most popular alternative is a GoPro series which can sustain heavy damage, it comes costly with the accessories, and Olympus can do a great video with a lot less cash, making this an opportunity for your photographer to film their awesome adventures.

Nikon D3400 KitNikon D3400 Kit

This Nikon camera is the best entry-level DSLR camera, and it is the most popular due to its performance and is easy to use for the newcomers making sure that they will take the best picture possible and it is filled with help. The camera itself has a great price compared to other entry-level DSLR, but it has a downside to it as it has not so many features making the camera not so desired by more advanced photographers.

Plus, this kit comes with every single accessory a starter photographer could wish for with a great price and the lens in the kit has stabilization providing pulling the best out of the camera.


There are a lot of gift possibilities for photographers and probably even more on their wishlist, and with this list, we have covered the part that mostly is on top.

Although we excluded things like lenses and other accessories, because there are so many of them available, and it is hard what kind of lens would be on your photographer wishlist, and we excluded cameras too. Except one because a camera is like an extension of their vision and getting a correct one is mostly on them and suggesting a camera as a gift is tough and should be asked before getting.

But we did include one excellent starter camera, which you can get for a loved one that would like to engage in the lifestyle of a photographer.


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