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Hddmag staff wants to warn you about any deals with any grey-market key reselling site, cause there are known scam scandals with these sites and a new scandal just resurfaced with G2A, and to use it at your own risk. Hddmag does not support any criminal activities.

Most of you have heard or know what G2A site is. For those who does not know what it is, it`s grey-market key reselling web store that sells games, game keys, in-game items, bonus codes, etc. But the difference is that this marketplace allows other users to sell their product on it too (like if you have a spare game key, you can sell it on G2A to make some profit).

G2A is known for not checking products that are getting sold by their name, and a lot of times it is a stolen item or purchased with stolen credit card and game developers are not getting any of the cash, plus if it was bought with a stolen credit card they might even do a cash back, and that makes the developers lose money on a sold product.

These actions have brought few indie game makers near closing, cause they start to lose money fast, while G2A are kicking the profits sky high, and a lot of developers, twitch or youtube gamers, E-sport organizers and game publishers have been boycotting everything that leads with G2A, cause it supports theft and scams. An indie game maker even posted an announcement that they would be happier if you rather pirated the game then bought it off a site like G2A, to stop supporting and make their profit higher.

If you’re going to be buying Defender’s Quest from us then knock yourself out! But if you’re going to buy it from a grey-market key reselling site like G2A, then, please, please, just pirate the game instead. / Lars Doucet. Level Up Labs game dev.

There is still a lot of information about this, but to make it easier for you, I will provide you with an old video by LevelCapGaming (Youtube gamer), that talks more about this problem.
And a few days ago another Youtuber by the name TotalBiscuit released a video again talking about this scam scandal, but this time it involves Gearbox studios, and there might be a solution for these scams. Enjoy the videos and if you like them make sure to like them cause both of these YouTubers deserves it.

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