Apple announces news on Mac Pro

Apple recently confirmed that they are going to update their Mac Pro desktop computer. The last update on their most powerful Mac was in 2013 when it received drastic changes in design with cylindrical form, which some people started to call the β€œwaste bin”

Apple executives said that 2013 version of Mac Pro did not suit a lot of audiences they wanted to reach out to, just simply cause it tried to fit all solutions and needs for the professionals, but the diversity of professional users was just too wide and Mac Pro system was not configurable enough and it was not able to suit them all.

The bad news

So the bad news is that the new redesigned Mac Pro is going to be available only sometime late 2018 at the best, and a lot of information on the specification are not yet out yet, so mostly we can only argue and imagine what it is going to be.

The good news

There is still some good news for those Apple fans that doesn’t really want to wait for the completely new Mac, Apple will release an update to the old model so the hardcore fans will have the opportunity to get the updated version that will have boosted specs and the price will remain the same.

Other good news from Apple were that the iMac is going to get something this year too, so we are going to see refurbished iMacs sometime later in 2017. Although not much information was provided it was clear that there will be some new models coming out, aiming more at pro users, maybe even we will be able to see completely new iMac late 2018, the information on iMac updates are shy.

i mac computer

Updated version

The updated base model Mac Pro is going to be equipped with a new Xeon 6-core processor and is going to replace the previous quad-core processor, and the graphics are going to be updated too, it will have twin Fire Pro D500 GPUs upgrading previous models D300.

At the same time, high-end Mac Pro will have some changes too, like increasing from 6-core Xeon processor to 8-core Xeon. Graphics will see some improvements too and will replace the dual Fire Pro D500 with dual Fire Pro D700 GPUs, all of these changes in specs will not affect the current price range. (The base model will still cost 2,990 $ and the high end will be 3,990 $)


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