AMD introduces Ryzen 5

After a long time of waiting and anticipating for the new AMD architecture to be released, we finally received the entirely new architecture from AMD, as AMD announced their new ZEN design and Ryzen family CPUs.

With all the hype from the introduction of Ryzen 7, AMD kicked it even higher, by announcing and introducing four Ryzen 5 Β models, a pair of six-core CPUs and a pair of quad-core models. The flagship of Ryzen 5 is the 1600X model which is configured just as Intel’s I7-6800K CPU.

Ryzen 5 Β is aimed more for VR, streaming and for the best gaming performance. Just like the rest of Ryzen models Ryzen 5 is going to be unlocked, although they are quiet clocked out of the factory as six core base clock frequency is 3.6 GHZ Β and 4.0 GHZ at turbo mode, there isn’t a huge expectation for getting more juice out of them.

Ryzen 5 comes with Extended Frequency Range (XFR) which will allow for the CPU to boost more than default maximum turbo clock in the presence of a better cooling. The price estimation is going to be about 150 – 250 $, although it will vary from place to place as usual.


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