Best SSD for MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is quite expensive, but it tends to pay for itself in the long run because of its durability. That being said, if your MacBook is starting to get too slow for the more modern apps and you do not have the budget to buy a new one, then apart from a RAM upgrade, a switch to an SSD is in order.

SSD Drives To Consider:
Before looking for the best SSD for MacBook Pro, you will first need to know whether or not your Mac is eligible for such an upgrade. The older MacBook Pro series are good candidates for upgrades, as they are often equipped with slow, 5400rpm hard drives. Newer MacBook Pro series, especially the ones with Retina display, however, often come equipped with SSDs and therefore do not need an upgrade.
Because of the release of Yosemite, TRIM support on third-part SSDs may not be fully supported yet. This makes finding the best SSD for MacBook Pro a bit harder. If you are not familiar with SSDs and the concept of TRIM, TRIM is a command that readies an empty space to prepare the drive for writing data – think of this as some form of defragmentation. Built-in SSDs in the newer MacBook Pro with Retina models naturally use TRIM, but as most people in the DIY world know, the default SSD may not necessarily be the best SSD. For MacBook Prousers, fortunately, there are tweaks that could help to take advantage of TRIM even with third party hard drives.

How to Find the Best SSD for MacBook Pro 

The process of finding the best SSD for MacBook Pro is not really that much different from finding an SSD for a regular computer. You still have to consider some important and similar things:
Data-write limits – Not all SSDs were created equal. Because of the sky-high price of well-built SSDs, some manufacturers compromise the data-write limits of their drives to provide a lower cost, to the detriment of the data of the user.
Energy consumption – Most MacBook Pro models nowadays have non-removable batteries, so in picking the best SSD for MacBook Pro, it is a good idea to find one that consumes much less energy.
Mac Support – Some companies actually enable firmware updates for their products in order to provide Mac Support in the future. Look for drives that try their best to readily support Macs.
There is no single best SSD for MacBook Pro, but with vigilance, one can definitely find a suitable upgrade that can breathe life into the old reliable Mac. Check out or Best SSD`s Buying Guide to find the best product for you. 
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