What Is an External Hard Drive?

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What Is an External Hard Drive?

What Is an External Hard Drive?Data storage can be quite fragile. Viruses and malwares that abound in the internet can corrupt files and wreak havoc to the computer’s Operating System.

Accidents may happen as well; such as the laptop getting soaked in a sudden rain, or spilling coffee on it during those bouts with sleep and deadlines. All these incidents can damage the laptop’s data integrity and run the risk of losing everything on it. Furthermore files take up too much space nowadays, from high-definition videos to animated presentations and many more. Thus, there is a continuous need to increase memory space. All these concerns can be addressed by investing on an external hard drive.

Hard drives are the storage component inside PCs, Laptop, Mac and just about any gadget nowadays. All files such as pictures, documents, music, videos and games are stored here; and can be retrieved whenever needed. But most importantly, the very OS on which the computer runs is also stored, along with the computer’s installed applications and other software.

An external hard drive functions exactly like a regular hard drive, but it is portable and does not need to be installed inside your computer.

Some external hard drive models have sleek encasing designs and are quite lightweight. It is like having an exact replica of what’s inside your computer, sans the monitor and keyboard. Most external hard drive units have a “plug it and use it” mechanism too.

You can use and access them like you would a normal external memory or USB flash drive.

External hard drives also make data transfer quite easy. For example, you wanted to replace your computer for a better or faster one but would like all your files and system to remain as is; all you need to do is back-up or copy everything from the old computer and transfer it to the new one. Depending on the memory of the external hard drive, multiple data sets can be stored in it too. The largest memory available today is measured by TB or terabytes.

It is helpful to determine your data usage to know the external hard drive capacity suitable for you. If you have many programs, movies or apps that take up large memory, you can opt for an external hard drive with higher data storage capacity. Just remember that the larger the memory is, the higher the costs too.

To end, having an external hard drive is becoming quite a necessity, especially for tech-savvy users. It is always good to have a back-up for your electronic files especially since these files can get corrupted or wiped out easily.

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