NovaChips Appointed Patent

NovaChips Canada Inc of Canada and Ottawa has been appointed a patent (9,159,374) developed by Kim, Jin-Ki. This is specially designed for flash memory parts and for its subsystems. A mass storage memory system has a memory module and its memory holding members which can be easily connected or removed with a memory controller. The best part of this device is that its memory modules can be connected to each other in order to enhance the storage of the memory module.

Generally the expandable memory module does not have storage efficiency. The memory module members consists a plate, a plane, a board and other material with one memory device. The patent application was filed on October 31, 2012 (13/665,181).Flash memory is a non-volatile memory which is mainly used for storing the electrical data in portable digital music players and also in digital cameras. These devices commonly use memory cards or USB sticks consisting of the memory controller inside it.

Solid state drives (SSD) are also used to store the data and they can be used in place of the computer hard disk drives. These solid drives are used to store the large amount of data in it and also for storing computer applications and networks too. “Non-volatile mass storage can take the form of packaged memory devices mounted to printed circuit boards (PCB) having a connector interface for insertion into a complementary socket of a host system.

For cloud computing this device is the best for storing the heavy data in it. These devices have its family members which have the different memory modules. These memory modules can be connected with one or more modules for storing the data. With the invention of such devices the users feel more reliability on them for their data storage 


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