Best 1tb hard drives of 2016

Best 1TB Hard Drives of 2016

Best 1TB Hard Drive from HDDmag

Searching for the best 1tb hard drive? The purpose of this article is to include the top 5 best 1TB hard drives in categories: SSD, Internal and External. And under each one of these we will look at hard drive usage and find out which is the cheapest or fastest, is it best for a Personal Computer or a Laptop. We will suggest the best 1tb hard drives for gamers and photographers. We already have two articles, one is about best internal hard drives and how to choose them and the other one is about best 1tb external hard drives. This article will not be an in-depth review of a few hard drives, but more like a set of advices for buying the right hard drive and to help you choose. 

One terabyte drives are the most popular, but why? Mostly because they are the perfect combination of both price and capacity. They are relatively cheap – most 1TB drives are under $100. Also, one terabyte of storage is enough for most home users to backup their photos and home videos. Considering these factors, it`s no doubt that 1tb hard drives have a massive market, where the most popular brands are – Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital, and Samsung (Samsung is better known for its great SSD drives). Brands like Qnap, Synology, Buffalo, Hitachi and NETGear are better known for more specific Storage devices, such as NAS or drives with big capaciy. 

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Best 1tb hard drive – SSD

Solid state drives also called SSD are the fastest hard drives around. We want to look at two types of SSD, older generation with SATA 3Gbit/s connection and newer SATA 6Gbit/s. Theoretically SATA 3Gbit/s read/write speeds is up to 250Mb/s and SATA 6Gbit/s read/write speeds are up to 500Mb/s, but in reallity they are about 400Mb/s. Also you have to notice that SATA 3Gbit/s is not the same thing as SATA3, because SATA3 means third generation which is SATA 6Gbit/s. SATA 3Gbit/s is also known as SATA2 connection/interface. And SATA3 is backwards compitable with SATA2. 

So you don`t have to worry that your new SATA3 drive will not be compitable with your PC or laptop. But be careful! Even though SATA3 provides backward functionality with SATA2 and SATA1, the maximum read/write speeds will lower due to speed limitations of the older SATA1/SATA2 port. The new drive would be as fast as the old one, regardless of its own characteristics.

You can also see read/write speeds for all drives in our list. These speeds are measured when all the SSD are installed as secondary drives.

Top 5: Fastest 1TB solid state drives (SSD)

Top 5: Cheapest solid state drives (SSD) under $100

Top 5: Best SSD for Macbook

To find the best SSD for Your Macbook we researched customer reviews, other tech reviews (incuding ones from Techradar and Cnet) and made tests. But when it comes to Apple products, Macworld is a great source to find out even more. Reading reviews from other well-known sites allowed us to compare our test results to those of other reviewers and to see more opinions before we advice one product or the other. Checking out other sites also requires a lot of time from us, but it raises our realiability

Top 5: Best SSD for gaming

Solid State Drives are a necessity for gamers. A fast SSD drive can speed up loading times for very resource-demanding games, such as Battlefield 4World of WarcraftWitcher 3 and many others. You have to take note that an SSD won`t affect your framerate (it depends on Your GPU and CPU), but it will definitely make booting, reloading and dying faster and much smoother. When you consider buying a new SSD for gaming, one of the most important factors to look at is price per gigabyte. The authors at PCgamer know a lot about gaming and which SSD is the best for it. So, besides our own tests, we sudied their opinions and experiences as well. Best SSD for gaming could be a whole article on its own, but below You can see our narrowed down top 5 SSD for gaming.

Best 1tb hard drive – Internal

Internal hard drives are the most common and everyone knows how they look and what they do. No matter how much storage you have on your PC it is just a matter of time when you will need more. The amount of data You use is growing all the time. Of course it depends on how much work You do on Your devices, it could take a month or two years but eventually you will need some extra storage for your computer. 

Internal hard drives are boring – they are all the same, aren`t they? 

Actually no, there are tons of hard drives and brands to choose from. And there are much more aspects to look at other than capacity when buying an internal hard drive. You also have to look at factors such as spindle speed, warranty, cache size, brand, SATA interface and that is just the top of the iceberg. 

There are also hybrid drives called SSHDSolid State Hybrid Drives
What is SSHD
SSHD is like a combination of a SSD and an internal hard drive. There is a small SSD inside a SSHD which gives the drive high read/write speeds, higher than standart internal drives. Hard drives that provide capacity for SSHDs are also common. Small flash drives are meant for speed and internal hard drives – for capacity. Hyrbid drives are much cheaper than flash drives and they also have bigger capacity. But you have to note that a hybrid drive is not as fast as a SSD. Hybrid drives explained – Wikipedia; PCworld; Howtogeek

Top 5: Fastest 1TB internal hard drives (HDD)

Top 5: Cheapest internal hard drives under $100

Top 5: Best internal hard drive for Macbook

The storage on Your Macbook is running out and you are searching for new hard drive? If this is the case You must check Your Macbook specifications before buying an internal hard drive for Macbook. Different Macbook models have different ports so Your Macbook might not be compitable with the hard drive You have chosen. 

Top 5: Best internal hard drives for gaming

Solid state drives are pretty expensive so internal hard drives with high RPM, usually 7200RPM, are a great SSD alternative for gamers. It may also be a good idea to support Your SSD drive with a fast internal hard drive. Our advice on internal hard drives for gaming is to look at 1TB hard drives because they offer plenty of space and are relatively affordable. 

Best 1tb hard drive – External / Portable

External hard drives can offer a massive capacity and are mostly used for backup. Basically external / portable hard drive is an internal hard drive in a nice case with a USB cable, sometimes with a power cable and a few microchips and schematics to make them usable with Your computer via USB. So they are hard drives which you can plug into your computer when you need it. 

External hard drives are a great way to store important data, videos and photos. Just back up Your computer and put all those files in a safe place. One of the safest external hard drives is Solo G3 ioSafe because this drive is waterproof, fireproof and it can survive most catastrophies. 

Portable external hard drives are small and light, so you can take them everywhere you go. They are excellent for travellers and photographers. 

Basically, there are two important things You need to remember when choosing an external hard drive. First thing is the USB port – it is best to buy a drive with USB 3.0 because it`s much faster than the older USB 2.0 port. The second aspect is price per GB ratio. Also, it is always a good idea to read Amazon customer reviews because you can find a lot of useful stuff there from actual experiences with the product. 

Top 5: Fastest 1TB external hard drives (HDD)

Top 5: Cheapest external hard drives under $100

Top 5: Best external hard drive for Macbook

The main aspect You need to pay attention to when buying an external drive for Your Mac is the file system in which the drive is formatted in. Windows OS uses the NTFS file system but Mac OS uses the HFS+ system. This is the reason why before buying You need to check if it is possible to reformat the drive You have chosen. Almost all external hard drives can be reformatted to HFS+ file system after which they will work with Mac OS. When you connect your drive to Your PC, open My Computer and find the drive there. Then right-click on its icon and select the formatting option. After that, a smaller window will pop up that will let You choose the file system in which to format the drive. 

Top 5: Best external hard drives for gaming

Can You install and play a game which is on an external hard drive? Yes You can! The question most people have then is weather it will affect the performance. It depends on the external hard drive and the USB port You are using. You can find answers to similar questions in these links: Tomshardware; Gamespot; Steampowered. Or maybe You are looking for an external hard drive just for your Xbox 360 or PS4. 

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