WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive Review

wd my passport ultra review

Todays Review is about one of the most Favourite External Hard Drive on Amazon – WD My Passport Ultra with capacity up to 2TB. Talking about External Hard Drives, the design do not affect anything, but i must highlight that this portable HDD has fantastic design, it look very nice.
My Passport Ultra comes in four colors – blackbluered and titanium and all of them looks fantastic. Okey, the capacity is not the biggest one, but only few of us really need more than that, with storage up to 2TB, it should be enough. It comes in various capacity: 500GB1TB and 2TB. My Passport Ultra is also one of the most cheapest external hard drives on the market at the moment, the price for 500GB is only about $59.99 and for 2TB storage the price is $97.99. Product dimensions: 0.8 x 3.2 x 4.4 inches ; and weight 8 ounces. This Western Digital product has a few new and interesting features, also the package includes 3 usefull Softwares – WD SmartWare ProWD Utility and WD Security, but i will describe them a bit later.

WD My Passport Ultra 2TB stands stable at 5# place on Amazon bestsellers for a while. And with 6233 Amazon customer reviews at the moment, i would like to say that this External Hard Drive is very popular. If You are looking for Massive external hard drive, we recommend to look at WD My Book with capacity up to 6TB, or WD My Cloud EX2 with capacity up to 12TB, for professionals. But in case You want something even cheaper than WD My Passport Ultra, then You should buy WD Elements 500GB which costs only $49.99


In our testings we used Passport Ultra 2TB version and the results were quite amazing for such a small and cheap external hard drive. Hard drive is both compitable with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port, we tested both. Via USB 3.0 WD My Passport Ultra showed reading speed up to 117.87 Mb/s and writting speed up to 118.5 Mb/s. The drive definitely is the fastest external hard drive from Low-Cost end. Using USB 2.0 port the results were 33 Mb/s for reading and 27 Mb/s writting, it is a little bit above average for USB 2.0 transfer rates. Also the drive works very quietly and did not warm up in our testings. If you are searching for the fastest external hard drive, then read – Best thunderbolt devices of 2015

  • Automatic and Cloud backup
  • Pasword protection and hardware encryption
  • Compitable both with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0
  • Works great Windows 8
  • Fantastic design
  • Comes various colors: RedBlueBlack and Titanium
  • USB powered
  • Durable enclosure protects the drive inside
  • 3-year limited warranty

Ideal for
  • File transferring in blazing fast speed via USB 3.0
  • Both compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices
  • Backing up your files to the local hard drive with automatic backup software – WD Smartware Pro
  • Backup your files to the cloud with Dropbox
  • Add extra storage for your videos, music, photos, and documents.
  • Securing your files from unauthorized access with password protection and hardware encryption
  • Connecting and powering through your USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 interface

Three Things That Highlights The WD My Passport Ultra

Automated Back-Up schedule & Cloud Backup

This hard drive uses advantages of software. WD SmartWare Pro is automatted back up software. With this software You can easly back up files directly to hard disk or to the Cloud using DropBox. Also Toshiba Canvio Connect can Back Up directly to the cloud, but You only get 10GB of free Cloud Storage.

Secured Hard Drive

New feature allows to set up a password to this hard drive, which makes it much safer, only You can access Your personal information. Nowdays, when we store more and more very important data digitally, security is a big problem, so everyone should pay attention to data security. Be smart and always use password, it will make data storage a bit safer.

Design and Capacity

As i mentioned before, the Design is Great. This HDD is small and Stylish, also so portable that You would be able to put it in Your pocket and take everywhere with You. And when 2TB of storage is putted in this small and great looking device, then You have one of The Best External Hard Drives of 2015 holding in Your hands. But if You are looking for something much bigger then we recommend looking at Toshiba Canvio Desktop which has capacity up to 5TB.

Product Specification

· Device Type: Hard Drive – External (Portable)
· Available Capacities: 0.5TB, 1TB, 2TB
· Disk Speed: 5400 RPM
· Interface: USB 3.0
· Transfer Rate: 5Gbps (USB 3.0) / 480Mbps (USB 2.0)
· Average Seek Time: 12ms
· Buffer: 8MB cache
· Weight: 9 ounces
· Width: 3.21 inches
· Depth: 0.5 inches
· Height: 4.34 inches
· Limited Warranty: 3 years
· Manufacturer: Western Digital

What It Can Hold

WD My Passport Ultra Review and comparison by HDDmag.com, january 2015. The best external hard drive

Key Features That Makes WD My Passport Ultra so Popular in 2015

Back up on Both Hard Drive and Cloud

WD My Passport Ultra Review and comparison by HDDmag.com, january 2015. The best external hard drive As I mentioned before, this great HDD uses all the benefits of Software. WD Smartware software allows users to choose freely when and where to Back Up their data. Make Your own schedule that works best for You. Choose all the files and folders that You want to Back Up. And also SmartWare Pro users can use theitr DropBox accounts to back up safely on the cloud.

Ultra Fast Transfer Rates

WD My Passport Ultra has USB 3.0 port, which means that this Hard Disk is one of the fastest available right now, at transfer rate 5.0Gbps. When compared to USB 2.0, the USB 3.0 is about three times faster, that means it is three times less time-consuming than many other Hard Drives which have USB 2.0. But Perfomance also depends on Users hardware and system configuration. My WD Passport Ultra allows to access documents and save files in blazing speed. WD My Passport Ultra is compitable with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports.

Fantastic Design

At just half an inch tin for 500GB model, this Hard Disk is like a fashion accessorie.

Durable enclosure protects the drive inside

The Passport Ultra offers unexperienced long-term reliabilitydurability and shock toleranc. All of this ir possible thanks to Durable Enclosure and a 3 year limited warranty for Your peace of mind, and that is pretty long warranty, which gives this device another plus.

WD SmartWare Pro

You are living active lifestyle and making a lot of photos, videos and documentation which matters? If it matters to You make a second copy with WD SmartWare Pro, and stop worrying about losing important data.

Make It All Automatic – Set It Up And Forget It!

Making Back Ups everyday? No, You do not need to do that if You are using automatic backup software that does all the work instead of You. With Smartware You can easly set up schedule and decide exaclty when to back up Your files otr whole system. 

There are two main options to choose from

· Continuous back up to back up all Your data as soon as they are added, saved or just changed.

· Scheduled Back-Up which allows You to decide exact time and date when to back up Your files

Duplicating the whole system on a Hard Drive is very time consuming process. It is much wiser to duplicate just Your videos, photos, documents, e-mails and movies. That will be much less time consuming and even if system fails, software can be re-installed, and Your digital memories will to, if You back up them on HDD.

WD My Passport Ultra Review and comparison by HDDmag.com, january 2015. The best external hard drive


What You Get

  • WD My Passport Ultra
  • USB cable
  • WD Smartware Pro software
  • Quick install guide

Do I Recommend WD My Passport Ultra To Someone? 

The answer is NO, because i recommend it to ANYONE!
This little super portable and light External Hard Drive, has fantastic design, that it could be even just a stylish accessory to everyone. It has storage up to 2TB, and looks very good, it is so small that fits in a pocket and costs only hundred bucks, so this is the best external hard drive you can buy for under 100 dollars. And i believe it will stay the same for year 2015.

WD My Passport Ultra Review and comparison by HDDmag.com, january 2015. The best external hard drive


  1. I think WD mess it up with encryption, data is encrypted even if you don't want that. Data recovery turned up to be almost imposible. Board change (because of port damage)is imposible due to encryption key being in there. The risk of loosing our data increases because of that…


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