WD Elements external hard drive review 2017

wd elements review
Today we will review The Best of The Best – Western Digital finest product – WD Elements. This External Hard Drive has been awarded as the best portable hard drive of year. This WD Elements External Hard Drive is number 1 Bestseller on Amazon, from Western Digital Hard Drives. It must mean something, about this product. 

WD Element External Hard Drive was first available at Amazon.com: May 24, 2013. By the way this is the hard disk i use by myself, and i am very satisfied with it, everything is great starting from the design to performance and speed. This device looks good and performs good as well. Also WD Elements are very cheap it only costs $96.69 with 2TB storage. It comes in various capacity: 500GB1TB1.5TB and 2TB. External hard drive with 500GB storage costs only about $49.99, nothing is cheaper than that.

WD Elements external hard drive is ideal for active life, it is extremely compact and portable, You can take it anywhere You go. It is so small, that it even fits in a pocket. Using it, is more than easy, just connect USB 3.0 cable to You PC, or Laptop and You are ready to work. Data transfer rates are Ultra-Fast. If buying this device You get Free trial of WD SmartWare Pro auto and cloud backup software.
If You are searching for something with much bigger Capacity we recommend to look at Seagate Backup Plus 8TB which is The Cheapest 8TB External Hard Drive on the market at the moment. Seagate Backup Plus Has been released on January 17, 2015. It has capacity up to 8TB and costs only $299.99. But if You are looking for something even cheaper than this External HDD, than we recommend to look at Toshiba Canvio 3.0. It is also worth to found out more about top external hard drives of the year: Best Thunderbolt Devices of 2015, Best Portable Drives of 2015, and Best external hard drives of 2015.

  • First and the most important – WD quality and reliability
  • Ultra Fast data transfer via USB 3.0
  • Massive capacitty up to 2TB
  • WD Smartware Pro free trial and free Cloud backup software
  • Ultra portable and light, take WD Elements everywhere You go
  • Formatted NTFS for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Window 8
  • Mac OS X 10.6.5 + (requires reformatting)
  • USB cable included
  • Quick install guide
  • 2 – year limited warranty

Product Specifications

 Device Type: Hard Drive – External (Portable)
• Available Capacities: 0.5TB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB
• Disk Speed: 5400 RPM
• Interface: USB 3.0
• Transfer Rate: 5Gbps (USB 3.0) / 480Mbps (USB 2.0)
• Average Seek Time: 12ms
• Buffer: 8MB cache
• Weight: 2.2 lbs
• Width: 3.1 in
• Depth: 4.4 in
• Height: 0.7 in
• Limited Warranty: 1 years (USA)
• Limited Warranty: 2 years (EMEA)
• Limited Warranty: 3 years (APAC/Japan)
• Manufacturer: Western Digital

Capacity and Models

• 500GB – WDBUZG5000ABK
• 1,5TB – WDBU6Y0015BBK
• 2TB – WDBU6Y0020BBK

The Key Features Which makes WD Elements 1TB The Best External Hard Drive of 2015

Simple Great Design and Portability

Western Digital Elements Review 2015This WD elements HDD definitely is the most fashinable Western Digital product. It looks great, it has rounded corners and it comes only in black color. The hard drive is matted and feels very nice in the hands. Also it is very very portable, because of it`s small size. Hard Drive is almost the same size as my HTC one Xl smartphone, the size is one of the biggest advantagde of this portable hard disk.



Maximum Transfer Rates

USB 3.0 connectivity offers very high data transfering trates, to and from hard drive. It is also compitable with USB 2.0. With USB 3.0 data trasnfers with speed up to 5Gbps


Western Digital Elements Review 2015From the products available right now, this device does not stand out with big capacity, it` like standart now, WD Elements portable hdd comes in 0.5TB1TB1.5TB and 2TB capacity. But with 2TB capacity, great design and lightness, this device will be great for casual user, who do not need enormous capacity. Believe it or not, but on Amazon 2TB hard drive is cheaper than 1,5TB external hard drive. The prices are – amazing  $96.99 ( for 2TB of storage) and $103.50 for 1,5TB of storage. Check the prices by Yourself, click HERE 

Free Back-UP Software from Western Digital

With WD Elements external hard drive You can safe Your data to the Cloud. Software called WD SmartWare Pro, trial version, comes with this Hard Drive. SmartWare Pro allows to back up Your files to Your WD Elements drive or to the cloud using DropBox account. By saving Your data to the cloud You gain extra safety, all data on the Cloud is secured by password. 
Western Digital Elements Review 2015You can download free-trial of SmartWire, click HERE.

USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compability

WD Elements hard drive transfers data via fast USB 3.0 at transfer rate 5GB pec second, but at the same time it will work with older USB 2.0 Port, so You can still upload data from from older Laptop or PC.

Want to Improve PC Perfomance with WD Elements External Hard Drive? 

Yes it is possible, because when Your PC or laptop internal hard drive is almost full, computer starts to slow down, but do not delete the files. Make Your PC faster by transfering all data to Your WD elements external hard disk, where they can safely stay for a long time.
Western Digital Elements Review 2015

Perfect For Windows

Formatted with NTFS and compitable with all windows OS versions – Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (all service packes). And thats not all, this great HDD also can be reformatted to work for MAC OS. If you are Mac owner, you could be interested: Seagate Backup Plus for Mac. With capacity up to 4TB.

What WD Elements Can Hold
Western Digital Elements Review 2015

Final Words About WD Elements External Hard Drive

My thoughts, The Best External Hard Drive 2015 is WD Elements, from Western Digital. Why? It is extremely portable and light,this hdd feels the same as a smartphone in hands, it is so small that i can put it in my pocket at take it everywhere i go. Also The design is great, black color and matted surface. The price on Amazon for 1TB is only about $59, for that speed and perfomance, also storage, it is nothing. I definitely recommend this HDD for students and people who must often take this HDD with You, in Your daily routine.
Western Digital Elements Review 2015


Model # Interface Capacity Operating System
WDBU6Y0020BBK USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 2 TB Windows/Mac
WDBU6Y0015BBK USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 1.5 TB Windows/Mac
WDBUZG0010BBK USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 1 TB Windows/Mac
WDBUZG5000ABK USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 500 GB Windows/Mac


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