Seagate Releases – Personal Cloud 2-bay

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-bay Home Media Storage Device Review 

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-bay Home Media Storage Device Review

Seagate releases new third generation of home NAS (Network Attached Storage) servers, called Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay (STCS8000100). This is the new generation after Seagate GoFlex and Seagate central. New NAS device looks much promising than previous ones and have many new features. 

Personal Cloud comes only in one color which is Black, it has a massive 8TB capacity. You can buy Personal Cloud 2-Bay version on Amazon for $459.58. There is also another version called – Seagate Personal Cloud, which has only 1-Bay (one internal hard drive), also the price is quite lower $168.48 for 3TB version, $215.48 for 4TB version and $249.99 for the biggest 5TB version.

The biggest improvement is the debut of a dual bay unit, the Seagate Personal Cloud 2 Bay which houses two standart internal hard drives on the inside. That means that now with default RAID 1 configuration, device is much faster. By default Personal Cloud 2 Bay uses one internal hard drive, because in RAID 1 configuration the other one is meant for data security. Reason is that RAID 1 configuration makes hard drive much faster, but also there is a bigger data loss risk in case the drive fails. Now Seagate offers a combination of lightning speed and data protection. You don`t like RAID 1 configuration and need even bigger storage? No problem! You can combine the two drives into a single volume to increase the storage space. Unlike previous generations – Seagate GoFlex and Seagate Central, the Personal Cloud have a new design that allows you to easily replace and install new internal hard drives by yourself. 

Another great improvement is a built in app manager that lets users to install additional features, like WordPress, Elephantdrive and BitTorrent Sync. The Seagate also have created a software development kit (SDK) fir it`s app manager to allow third party developers to create many new applications for the Personal Cloud servers.

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  • Automatically backup Mac and PC computers with RAID 1 (mirror) for twice the protection
  • Access your movies, music and photos at home or on the road
  • Upload and back up photos and video from mobile devices with Seagate Media App
  • Enjoy your content on the big screen with Roku, Apple TV, LG and Samsung Smart TV’s
  • Stream to DLNA/Upnp and connected devices

    • Seagate Personal Cloud 2-bay Home Media Storage Device Review
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