WD My Cloud EX 2 Review – Best Storage Device of 2016

WD My Cloud EX 2 Private Cloud Storage Review 2016 – Massive capacity up to 12TB, great performance for great price

WD My Cloud EX 2 Private Cloud Storage Review - Massive capacity up to 12TB, great performance for great price
The WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB: Pre-configured Network attached storage featuring WD red drives is the most up-to-date in the series of WD My Cloud and is known to contribute to the same features as the creative My Cloud as well as the My Cloud EX4. The one thing that makes this product the best in the market is the performance it provides in comparison to others which is much better. The hard drives in this series of WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB can be substituted or installed very easily. The product is accessible at friendly prices and with or without the hard drives. It looks very similar to WD My Book with capacity up to 6TB, which is half less than WD My Cloud EX 2 have.

The primary features of the WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB product is that it is quite small, product dimensions is only: 6.1 x 3.9 x 6.8 inches and weight is just 1.8 pounds. It is very affordable and user-friendly and is known to have amazing features. The price goes around $149.42 for Diskless model and only about $685.82 for the 12TB version. The My Cloud EX2 comes in various capacity: 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and massive 12TB. The product comes with two USB 3.0 ports that are on the flip side to assemble more storage space by the use of exterior hard drives. The shape of the pre-configured system attached storage piece of equipment is like a thick book, placed vertically. It is very easy to set up this system in offices and homes and the various options it provides include preventing data loss. It is for this purpose you can choose between USB, Cloud or LAN for all the security needs.

WD My Cloud Ex2 Key Features

Two-Bay tray less enclosure design
Multiple data protection, including RAID 1, USB, cloud and LAN/WAN backup options
Includes WD Smart Ware Pro for PC users and is compatible with Apple Time Machine for Mac users
Multiple drive management options, including RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD and spanning
Twonky 7.2 DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified media server
Includes iTunes support
Anywhere access from computers, tablets and smartphones with My Cloud desktop and mobile apps
Advanced software suite including FTP and P2P torrent servers, WordPress, Transmission and many others
Optimized for WD Red drives with WD’s exclusive NASware technology
Dual USB 3.0 expansion ports

Wd My Cloud Ex2 is ideal for:

Managing and organizing your important data, documents, photos, videos and music in one secured location of Your choice
Secure all Your information with RAID 1, USB, cloud or local LAN/WAN backup
Streaming media to connected TVs, media players and gaming consoles
Saving and managing files securely from any computer, tablet and Smartphone
Backing up files automatically from all the PC and Mac machines on Your network
Install and replace drives with ease
Save, backup and share your documents, photos, videos and music from anywhere
Uploading photos and videos directly to your private cloud to free up space on Your mobile devices and other gadgets
Transfer files freely between your public cloud accounts and My Cloud EX2

Expendable Storage

Choose quality system which works right out of the box, featuring WD Red Hard Drives. Or You can easily build Your own NAS with WD Diskless enclosure and add up to two drives of Your choice.

Easy to set up and easy to manage

Install Hot Swap or drives with ease. With WD`s powerfull Dashboard You are always in control. You can feel WD`s Dashboard on their website or click HERE, You can click through all WD`s Dashboard. 

Extensive Data Protection

Easily manage Your data with RAID 0, 1; JBOD and spanning drive modes. And after that protect Your it with RAID 1, USB , Cloud or LAN / WAN backup options.

Important Specifications

One of its more important features is that WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB has a tray with a two-bay enclosed space design. It also has a fitted in options for multiple drive management and that includes the RAID 0 & 1, JBOD as well as spanning. The other option accessible is the multiple data protection that includes the USB, RIAD 1, Cloud and WAN backup. The WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB is compatible especially for MAC users and it can be accessed by various devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as computers.

It is a reliable product that is designed with quality. The size of this product is 6.1 x 3.9 x 6.8 inches (15.5 x 9.9 x 17.3 cetimeters), and its weighs approximately 5.2 pounds (2.36 kg, 12TB version), and it has a 2-year limited warranty. The main reason why this product is the best is that it helps keep your entire content safe in one place, in addition to protecting your data with cloud, RAID 1, as well as WAN backup preferences.

It can also send large documents to any screen along with expanding your NAS features with a complete set of apps. The best use of this device – the Cloud EX2, is that it operates as a media attendant. Moreover, as a result of this feature we can gain admittance to watch movies wherever, and on any machine, even on our phones. It is a solid setup that is indeed very useful in storing data, and that puts aside the usage of paper to store data. It is equipped with 512 MB Memory and is a reliable processor that provides fast performance.

System Requirements

Windows 8.1 or earlier, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (32 bit) SP 3 operating systems
Mac OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard operating systems
DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
Router with Internet connection
Supported Browsers
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Safari 6 or higher
Firefox 21 or higher
Google Chrome 27 and later on supported Windows and Mac OS platforms

WD My Cloud EX 2 Private Cloud Storage Review - Massive capacity up to 12TB, great performance for great price

Most Useful Features of WD My Cloud EX 2

It is great product that is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8.1 and Mac, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard operating systems.

The package is accessible – it includes an Ethernet cable, personal cloud storage, quick install guide, AC adaptor, and Assembly kit.

The advantage of the My Cloud mobile app is that it simplifies file transferring amid your private cloud, DropBox as well as additional unrestricted Cloud accounts.It is a well-liked system that provides advanced serving options, and which comprises an incorporated file server. It is also an advanced software group together with FTP as well as P2P torrent servers, transmission, Word Press, in addition to numerous others.

It has remarkably handy personal cloud features and the WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB has a storage and connection equipment that needs less space.

The server functions very well amid all average 3.5-inch internal hard drives that are purchased from any wholesalers. Many online companies provide this product with a three year warranty. There are small LED lights in the front of the server, which is beneficial in showing the condition of the power as well as the internal drives.


The mobile application supports only a limited number of file set-ups for playback and it does not have any such search task, nor does it allow you to sort files by the type of the content.

WD My Cloud EX – Customer Reviews

The network device WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB has a browser interface that is very clean as well as instructive. The home page gives you an idea about the essential device condition through a graph of the network. The RAID model can also be changed without difficulty as the drive is relatively configurable. It has a data redundancy feature, which is very useful to transfer a large amount of data from a hard drive to the EX2. It is a competent product that is worth the money spent, especially for its performance.

The product can be ordered online and customers can receive it at their doorstep within 4-5 days after ordering. It is a powerful dashboard and that helps keep the system under control by effective use of WD My Cloud EX2 12 TB. The other useful functions it performs apart from monitoring your drives is managing users as well as utilizing features that save energy. The users are also informed time to time about their e-mails. You can also stream videos as well as photos to gaming consoles and connected TVs and even other DLNA devices. It provides endless options and it also has a twonky 7.2 DLNA-certified 1.5 media server fitted in it, and by means of My Cloud EX2 iTunes prop up, you can even stream your song collection without difficulty.

What WD My Cloud EX2 Holds

Advanced Features Of WD My Cloud EX2 NAS External Hard Drive

Energy Saving

Save runtime energy by setting disk spin down after as little as 10 minutes. Use WD quick view to wake WD My Cloud Ex2, without ever pushing button physically. Automatic Power Recovery feature – automatically restarts My Cloud EX2 from an unexcepted power failure shutdown. Set Your own customised ON/OFF schedule and WD My Cloud will turn ON only when needed.

Advanced Backup

WD My Cloud Ex2 offers multiple options to secure all Your data from loss.
ElephantDrive is a premium cloud-based backup, sync and sharing solution platform. With simple, fast and reliable protection for all Your data, ElephantDrive is the perfect solution for any user and professional. ElephantDrive software run on all private devices including (laptops, desktops, smartphones, etc.) as well as on NAS devices, where it is the leading solution. Learn more

Amazon S3 – Backup and Restore solution allows You to backup Your data directly to Your Amazon S3 account. Amazon S3 offers users peace of mind when used as an offline backup, should anything happen to the data stored on your My Cloud EX2.

Protect Your personal data safely with remote backup to another My Cloud EX2 or My Cloud EX4 external hard drive, with integrated Cloud or local LAN/WAN back-up. Western Digital SmartWare Pro software offers options for PC users, when and where to back-up data. Western Digital also have thought about Mac users, they can utilize all the features Apple Time Machine backup software to protect all files and information.

WD My Cloud Ex2 Comes With Full Suite Of Advanced Features To Power Your Home And Office

Volume virtualization using iSCSI targets

Manage and organise Your storage over long distances and transfer data through LAN/WAN and internet just by creating a Storage Area Network (SAN). With My Cloud EX2 You can easily create and manage iSCSI targets, very similar to local hard drives, that is accessed over a network rather than locally. The underlying RAID structure is protecting the iSCSI target.

Jumbo frame support

WD My Cloud EX2 also supports jumbo frames up to 9000 bytes. These large IP frames ar used to increase performance over supported networks. You can increase transfer speeds only if every device supports Jumbo frames, other wise it won`t work. My Cloud Ex2 also supports the latest revision of internet protocol – iPv4/ iPv6.

UPS support (USB and network)

UPS support provides extra protection from los of power via USB or network.
USB UPS: If an supported UPS device is connected to WD My Cloud Ex 2 through USB cable, than it will shut down power after detecting power loss.
Network UPS: It is very effective to use Network UPS devices, when there is just one UPS device and multiple My Cloud EX2 units, or other external hard drives. One WD EX2 unit can act like ”Network UPS server” and connect to the UPS device through Network or USB (it depends on the devide). The network UPS server obtains UPS information and than send`s it to other clients (My Cloud devices).

Real Time Resource Monitors

Provide real time information on My Cloud Ex2 resources, such as CPU usage, network utilization and RAM usage. It is very usefull when You need to know how much power You are using, and found out how much power You need to run everything smoothly, with no errors.

Volume encryption with boot up password

Be secured from unauthorized access to Your files and data by creating a boot up password for all Your hard drive. Security really is one of the most important things, and You should be very carefull and think about data safety. With growing numbers of data, documents, photos and videos we store digitally, data security becomes more and more important to all of us.

Virtual Volumes

Simplify scalability by mapping iSCSI targets on other network storage devices and present them as shares on your own WD My Cloud EX2 external storage device.


Western Digital offers simple Network Management Protocol, a protocol for managing devices on a network, which allows WD My Cloud Ex2 to be also used in a managed enviroment professioanally. Administrators and IT professionals who need to monitor multiple network devices at once, including great My Cloud Ex2 storage device via SNMP should download the document available HERE.

Final words about Western Digitla My Cloud Ex 2 External Hard Drive

WD My Cloud EX 2 Private Cloud Storage Review - Massive capacity up to 12TB, great performance for great price This data storage device has a million options and even more features. My Cloud storage device can be loaded with a massive capacity up to 12TB and the prive is only $685.82 and just $142.42 for diskless My Cloud device. WD My Cloud Ex 2 is the best external hard drive (data storage) for everyone, experienced professionals and casual users with a lot of photos and videos.

Hard Drive Compatibility List

Support for 7200rpm drives is limited to the models below. All other 7200rpm drives are not supported. 10,000rpm drives are not supported.

WDWD ReWD1003FBYXSATA 3Gb/s7200rpm1TB
WDWD RedWD10EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower1TB
WDWD RedWD20EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower2TB
WDWD RedWD30EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower3TB
WDWD RedWD40EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower4TB
WDWD RedWD50EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower5TB
WDWD RedWD60EFRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower6TB
WDWD BlueWD5000AZLXSATA 6Gb/s7200rpm500GB
WDWD BlueWD10EZEXSATA 6Gb/s7200rpm1TB
WDWD GreenWD20EZRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower2TB
WDWD GreenWD30EZRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower3TB
WDWD GreenWD40EZRXSATA 6Gb/sIntelliPower4TB
WDWD PurpleWD10PURXSATA 6Gb/s5400rpm1TB
WDWD PurpleWD20PURXSATA 6Gb/s5400rpm2TB
WDWD PurpleWD30PURXSATA 6Gb/s5400rpm3TB
WDWD PurpleWD40PURXSATA 6Gb/s5400rpm4TB
HGSTDeskstarHDS721010CLA332 (0F10383)SATA 3Gb/s7200rpm1TB
HGSTDeskstarHDS723020BLA642 (0F12115)SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm2TB
ToshibaDT01ACA SeriesDT01ACA100SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm1TB
ToshibaDT01ACA SeriesDT01ACA200SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm2TB
ToshibaDT01ACA SeriesDT01ACA300SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm3TB
SeagateBarracudaST1000DM003SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm1TB
SeagateBarracudaST2000DM001SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm2TB
SeagateBarracudaST3000DM001SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm3TB
SeagateBarracudaST4000DM000SATA 6Gb/s7200rpm4TB
SeagateNAS HDDST2000VN000SATA 6Gb/s5900rpm2TB
SeagateNAS HDDST3000VN000SATA 6Gb/s5900rpm3TB
SeagateNAS HDDST4000VN000SATA 6Gb/s5900rpm4TB

Uninterruptible Power Supply
APCBack-UPS ProBR1500G
CyberPowerSmart App LCD UPSOR500LCDRM1U
CyberPowerIntelligent LCD UPSCP1500AVRLCD
Tripp LiteBattery Back Up Tower AVR UPSSmart750USB
Tripp LiteSmart USB UPSSmart550USB

Model #InterfaceCapacityOperating System
WDBVKW0120JCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x212 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVKW0100JCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x210 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVKW0080JCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x28 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVKW0060JCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x26 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVKW0040JCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x24 TBWindows/Mac
WDBVKW0000NCHGigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 x20 TBWindows/Mac

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