Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One

Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One

Need to upgrade xbox one hard drive?

Almost all new games takes a ot of storage space when installed, for example: Hallo: The master chief collection needs 61,4GB of storage and Grand Thieft Auto V needs almost 45GB of storage space. Storage becomes a problem after a while, because Xbox One built storage is only 500GB, even less if we count in OS and other needed data. You don`t need a lot of time release that built in storage is way to less than you need. If you are thinking about buying an external hard drive for xbox one, read this article to find the best external hard drive that fits your needs. Good external hard drive can not just increase your storage capacity but also make games install and load slightly faster. But you probably have some questions before xbox one hdd upgrade, we`re here to help with this guide to select best xbox one hard drive. 

Tired of reading and just want to find the best product for your needs?
If you want to upgrade for Xbox with 1tb hard drive then you should check out of top 5 1tb external portable hard drives, but if you need something bigger and more powerfull then you should read – Best external hard drives of the year.

How to find the best external hard drive for xbox?

All games on Xbox one needs to be fully installed (on built in 500Gb storage) before you can play them – even retail titles. But here is the problem, Xbox One built in hard drive can not be changed or upgraded by users without voiding the warranty. So if you want to keep your warranty you will be stuck with 500GB or 1TB of storage. Luckily, the Xbox One console supports up to 2 external hard drives at once, so you can easily expand your storage capacity for games and other media and data. There is a minimum limit for capacity you can add – 256GB, but no maximum limit. Even a very large flash drive with capacity of 256GB is an option). Console support USB 3.0 port, which offers big data transfer speeds, but USB 2.0 drives are not supported, because Microsoft wants to ensure that data transfers very quickly between your Xbox One and external hard drive. 

There are three main things to consider when buying hard drive for xbox:

  • Size of capacity
  • Amount of money you can invest in purchase
  • The speed of external hard drive

The sky is the limit for capacity, so you should consider how big player you actually are? We recommend to decide how big drive do you need and then buy the fastest on the market for the amount of money you can invest in this purchase. You can buy many 1tb external hard drives for under 100 dollars, but you should think in long term and choose atleast 2TB or 4TB if you are heavy gamer. Nowdays the amount of storage we need grows in amazing speeds, so the drive which is quite a big now, will be quite a small after two years or even less. Price range for 4TB drive is about $150, and the price get`s over $250 mark when you look at 6TB and more. 

best external hard drive for xbox one

That`s not all!

There are many types of external hard drives. Some external hard drives can easily draw all the power they need from the consoles USB 3.0 port, but others are not BUS-powered and they need external power source. Our recommendation is to choose bus-powered drive, so you have less wires laid on the ground, and the life will be much less complicated to you. There are hard drives that have 5400RPM and 7200RPM (rotations per minute), and solid state drives called as SSD. The bigger the RPM the faster the hard drive is, and faster the games install, loads and saves. Yes, SSD drives are usually way faster and cheaper than hard drives, but The Digital Foundry evaluated a variety many drive types, including SSD drives and found that high-end expensive SSD drives provide a very little performance gain with Microsoft latest console – Xbox One. But it`s good News, that means you can spend less money and recieve bigger gain in performance. 

Finally: We badly recommend to search for some performance tests and compare reading/writting speeds for all the external hard drives you are choosing from. Also, i great idea would be to read some Amazon Customer Reviews, they can be a great source of information. The best external hard drive brands is Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital

We recommend: The best price, capacity and speed combination

best external hard drive review and comparison 2015

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